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Hi-Conny Wallgren: – – I would never get married again


ULLARED, SWEDEN (Dagbladet): – She is 39 years old, and I am 55 years old. I do not say that often, I usually say that I'm as old as Brad Pitt, Ola-Conny Wallgren.

It is the salesman who became the star of the Swedish series of success "Ullared", which follows the daily life of employees and customers of the solid shopping center of the same name.

Many ladies have reported their interest after the 55-year-old boy who became a national celebrity for some years, but now has chosen to offer these offers.

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– Do it easily

The reality profile is committed to a woman who met a little over a year ago. The meeting was held in which it happens both in Swedish life, at work.

– She knew I was working there, but I never thought I was going to fall with me. I did work when I had visual contact and then we talked. We got the phone number from the other, we went a bit to the other and forwards, and suddenly they became us two, he tells Dagbladet.

The 55-year-old man lives in the old house of his late mother, almost a mile away from the mall that he calls his job. The house has the mark to have remained firm in time, and as a result of a fire, the yellow wall facade is quite worn out.

The only thing inside the home that reveals that we are in the 21st century is the flat screen that you have recently purchased. Otherwise, the interior is characterized by the angels of his deceased mother, embroideries and other clamps. Wallgren's president, Camilla, has been visiting again and again, but generally lives in Falun. He does not want to be a public person, so he keeps his name and appearance out of the press.

You have not yet decided to move around together.

– If you love, you can go through the fire together, but you have to take it easily. Everything can not happen at the same time. We want to be comfortable and not too fast, says, and continues:

– You have to start somewhere. The commitment is, in fact, the most symbolic, it could also be fine with a plastic ring on the market. We belong together, but we must do it at our own pace, he explains.

– I can not answer

Wallgren has two daughters of a previous marriage that lasted 19 years. In recent years, however, he has been lonely. It is not that the offers have not been in the form of letters, flowers at work or women outside the door, but somehow it does not fit. It never worked with web appointments.

– I'm not on Facebook or on Instagram. I will never pursue any woman online. Many steal my identity online, so if you look at social networks, then I'm not me. You have to know it. It's better to meet someone in reality. I'm a bit old-fashioned, it smiles.

HOME HOME: Dagbladet visited Wallgren at his home in Sweden. The interior has changed little, since her mother, who was the owner of the house, moved away. Photo: Kine Falch
HOME: Dagbladet visited Wallgren at his home in Sweden. The interior has changed little, since her mother, who was the owner of the house, moved away. Photo: Kine Falch
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Nor is it especially technical, something that his home and interior are a clear sign. As mentioned, the most modern one that you can see is a flat screen TV in the living room. Otherwise, old watches are hung on the house, while the bathroom is characterized by the seventies.

The brown wood floor on the ground floor of the same period is also proof that the 55-year-old is not particularly vain or materialistic. Just this, he thinks he likes the boyfriend.

– It takes me for who I am and who does not believe I am. He has not seen so much "Ullared", and then I have to show it really. It is also genuine and genuine. We have great respect for one of the other.

– But now you are engaged. Will there be a wedding later?

– I can not answer this question, because I do not know if we should marry. We will do it step by step. It can be wrong if they get married. I do not think it must be too fast with him. One can get trapped and one has obligations. When I separated for the last time, I told myself that I would never marry again, but now I am uncertain. We will take it as it is, he says.

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