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I had to place a bus for planes due to technical problems


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As a result of technical problems, Norwegian had to cancel the plane that would last 185 passengers from Trondheim to Oslo at 19:00 on Sunday night.

As a result of the cancellation, Norwegian has established a bus for flights on the route. Instead of a flight of about 55 minutes, passengers must spend more than six hours on the bus.

– Due to technical errors on the plane in question, we have to install buses between Trondheim and Oslo, according to Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson, head of press in Norwegian at Aftenposten.

– There were no other aircraft available?

– No, unfortunately it was not. Then, this became the best solution, says Holmberg Jacobsson, who points out that they have offered all passengers the possibility of booking tickets at no additional cost.

– It's very rare to do so. It only happens if there is no other option, but, of course, we regret it, he says.

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