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– I loved every second – VG

TV COUPLE: Charlie Gustafsson and opponent in “Our Time is Now,” Hedda Stiernstedt. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / NEWS AGENCY TT

On television, he is eternally lost in the complicated Nina. In fact, Charlie Gustafsson (28 years old) lives with a famous pop star.


The last episode of the four-season Swedish drama series “Vår tid er nå” appeared on NRK TV on Sunday. Thus, the family saga puts an end to it.

It is with great sadness that Charlie Gustafsson, who plays the chef at Calle restaurant, says goodbye to his job.

“Before and after”

«A five-year journey is at the end of the road when “Our time is now – 1951” meets the publicThe 28-year-old wrote on Instagram when the last and final special season premiered three weeks ago.

«For the rest of my life, this series will be a “before and after”. I worked hard and loved every second. No word in the world can describe the gratitude I feel for the people with whom I have shared this journey», He writes during a series of photos of the recording.

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The series is about the turbulent and sometimes dramatic life of the Löwander family who run the Djurgårdskällaren restaurant in Stockholm.

«For all of you who have followed and are following us, your commitment and good words about the series have meant a lot when hard work, stress, and lack of self-confidence have manifested.», Read Gustafsson’s post.

The first season aired in 2017. “A series that looks like a candy box from 1945 and is full of all the best TV soap tricks », thought the VG reviewer and gave 5 dice rolls at that time.

GIRLS: Amy Diamond and Charlie Gustafsson at the Guldbagge Gala in Stockholm in 2016. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT / TT NEWS AGENCY

Much of the plot revolves around the difficult and passionate relationship between the working-class boy Calle and the most privileged Nina (Hedda Stiernstedt).

In fact, Gustafsson lives with actress and star singer Amy Deasismont (28), better known as Amy Diamond.

It opened its doors in the Nordic countries in 2005 with the song “What’s In It For Me”. He was only 13 at the time and so was Gustafsson.

In the 2019 podcast “Nemo Meets a Friend”, Gustafsson confided that he believed the child star was very pretty at the time and that it was his first “famous love”.

However, it would be a few years before they met. Through mutual acquaintances, they introduced themselves to each other one night in the city, and so it was done. Since then, they have been a couple.

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Travel lady

Gustafsson could tell Expressen on Christmas Eve that he currently has quieter days than his girlfriend.

– He works a lot now, but he has always done it. We’re both fine and we take each other for granted, he said when asked about how things are with love.

TV COLLEGES: Back left: Maggan (Josefin Neldén), Peter Löwander (Adam Lundgren), Stickan Backe (Peter Dalle), Gustaf Löwander (Mattias Nordkvist), Calle Svensson (Charlie Gustafsson) and Lilly (Karin Franz Körlof), Back left: Suzanne Goldstein (Hedda Rehnberg), Helga Löwander (Suzanne Reuter) and Nina Löwander (Hedda Stiernstedt). Photo: SVT

While the star couple is famous throughout the Nordic region, it doesn’t mean they don’t become “stars” themselves. Gustafsson revealed on Instagram that this is exactly what they became when in the summer of 2018 they supported Norwegian star “Shame” Ina Svenningdal (24).

«And then that happenedGustafsson wrote under the image of the three prisoners in Halden:

Deasismont is in full swing with the recording of a new Viaplay series titled “Thunder in my heart”. Gustafsson also has several new projects underway, including the next series – “Änglavakt”.

Although the first three seasons of “Our Time is Now” take place from 1945 to the late 1960s, the fourth season, which consists of only four episodes, returns in the summer of 1951.

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AS WELL: Adam Lundgren, Anna Zackrisson, Josefin Neldén, Hedda Stiernstedt, Charlie Gustafsson, Simone Coppo, Mattias Nordkvist and Andrea Östlund from “Vår tid er nå”. Photo: Jessica Gow / T TT NEWS AGENCY

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