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Ikea opens the store in the other hand – Check what Ikea will start selling now!


Ikea is open for sale in its stores. In the beginning, there is a trial project at the Ikea department store in Ringsaker. But the goal is that it will be a service in all Ikea warehouses by 2020, said Ikein Communications Advisor Troels Mathisen.

Get up to 30 percent of the value – in gift cards

Mathisen says Dinside. The warehouse in Ringsaker opened a cheap hook for the Ikea furniture used a couple of weeks ago. There you will now be able to find the goods that were on the exhibition and Ikei returned through a regular return scheme – and goods that are privately owned.

The scheme works so that you can send photos and descriptions of furniture Ikea you want to sell through the Ikea online service – and you will get feedback on whether it's a thing they can sell.

If they approve your sales item, you will receive a "payment" from Ike when sending the item for sale. But notice that this is not paid in cash, but on a gift card at Ikea:

– In the department store there are employees who will evaluate furniture and whether we can further sell or not. If we think we can, we will offer the price for this piece of furniture that corresponds to a maximum of 30 percent of the new price, because we pay the customer in the form of a gift certificate, says Mathisen

If they are so old that I can not appreciate it, they will find something similar to their reach today – and appreciate it.

"But if there is a calligrapher, you may get a completely different price because there are some superficial furniture," says Mathisen.

Communication consultant Troels Mathisen at Ikea. Photo: Ikea

Communication consultant Troels Mathisen at Ikea. Photo: Ikea
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It is sold at the same price you receive

Ikea will then sell the item at the same price you received from the Ikea gift.

"We are currently spending maternity expenses," said Mathisen Dinside, "we are not making any sales." This is part of the goal to become 100 percent circular by 2030. We must take responsibility for the furniture and ensure that it is used as much as possible. "

Eight years ago, they tried a different online sales service from Sweden that was online. This type of used sales, which is physically in sales, has also been tested in several other countries, with varying degrees of success. According to Mathisen, it was a great success in Japan, and it does not work in other countries.

But they do not want to sell this

Although it's free for shelves in the Ikea store, it's not all of your furniture and goods they want.

First of all, it must be an Ikea product, of course.

But Matisse tells Dinsdie that there are still not all categories of products that he will accept for resale:

– Electronics can not be accepted because we can not go electronically in products. And we do not accept beds, mattresses and sofas; She goes on hygiene, says Mathisen.

They do not want to mention other things, mentioning the battery mixer and all the children's and children's furniture.

– As far as childcare products are concerned, this is because we have set a very high standard of what we have sold. But, of course, you can sell this through other channels, says Mathisen, explaining further that they can not take responsibility for the condition of children's products used.

– Ikea is very popular in Finland

But there are good options for selling used goods Ikea also in Finland.

Finn Communications Advisor Adele Cappelen Blistad, says Dinside that Ikea products are very popular in Finland.

Communications Advisor in Finland, Adele Cappelen Blistad. Photo:

Communications Advisor in Finland, Adele Cappelen Blistad. Photo:
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"So far this year more than 780,000 searches have been carried out" Ikea "(in Finland), while last year 750,000 searches were carried out, and in 2016 there were 650,000 searches. In other words, a fairly significant increase in demand in the last few years, says Blistad .

"If you quickly search for" Ikea "in the category" furniture and interior "in Finnmark, there are over 15,000 ads out there, and you will find products at prices of $ 22,000 and completely down-free / given, she says.

What you expect to pay for the Ikea product you use will naturally be different.

– But usually the price of furniture and interior products is much lower than for new things in the store. So, you can definitely make a real deal. In addition, many furniture are installed, something that many prices, says Blistad for

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