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A couple of jewels and jewels belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette before that were persecuted during the French Revolution, sold for $ 36 million – over 300 million Norwegian crowns.

That's 17 million kronor more than the valuation of the auction house.

The pendant is part of a collection of ten items belonging to the queen. Gentian people did not appear in public for two hundred years. It is the Bourbon-Parma family that has had jewelry to date.

Marie Antoinette Jevels

Over 300 million kronor is the price at which this jewelry is sold at auction.

Photo: Richard Drev / AP

Queen Marie Antoinette was arrested in a guillotine on the revolutionary square in Paris in 1793 after the French Revolution, after being defeated by landslide, immorality and a number of other charges.

Then he was 37 years old.

Marie Antoinette was the authoritative princess of austerity, who later married a prince who would become King of Louis XIV. This was part of the alliance between France and Austria.

Impotence and luxury


Portrait of Marie Antoinette, from where she is also the queen of France.

Photo: AP

The alliance is not excluded by chance, political or marriage law. Louis had several health problems, and impotence should be one of them.

It turns out that the Queen is shedding her grief in one of her ways of life. Ho used excellent summers of luxury skirts, shoes and jewelry.

A recent study of history was suspected by Marie Antoinette of reputation, but there is no doubt that Ho was very unpopular in the court and the French people.

This is especially a story that has become strong in its remarks.

It is said here that Marie Antoinette was right about the people who marched on the streets of Paris and asked for a revolution. They asked them in court about what people were doing and replied that it was because they did not have bread.

– If they do not have bread, why can not they eat a cake? if the queen asks.

The jewel belonging to Mari Antoinette.

A total of 10 beautiful gems belonging to Marie Antoinette were found underneath the hammer in Geneva on Thursday.

Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

It is certainly not certain that history is true, most likely, is not it? Likewise, this is a quote that has shaped its view on it.

Damn jewelry

Also, many other jewelry for Marie Antoinette are rarely, among other things, a few diamond earrings. A beautiful diamond brooch also comes beneath the hammers, along with a single diamond ring with an initial MA engraved, plus one lid of her hair.

Marie Antoinette managed to smuggle her valuable jewels to her family in Austrian. However, her attempt to escape from France with her husband Ludwig and carry them, each failed.

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