Friday , May 14 2021

Johansen was shocked by the appointment of Ranieri

In one same press release, Fulham announced the transfer of Slavisa Jokanovic and the subsequent appointment of Klodi Ranieri on Wednesday. Therefore, Stefan Johansen, 27, received a new boss
to relate.

"I was a little shocked as it was clear after the manager struck. It usually lasts for a week or two, but obviously they had a plan that this is a good time with the national team," Johansen told TV
2 under the national team of Norway in Slovenia.

Thanks to Jokanovic

The Norwegian captain was honored if he hit Jokanovic, the man who drove him to Fulham in 2016 and led the club last year's promotion.

"I have to thank Slavic a lot, I developed myself as a player under him," he says. "I have a very good relationship with him," says Johansen.

"It's brutal, especially in the Premier League with so much money, we spend over a billion in the purchase of players, and when we do not get the points we will be, it's brutal to him, Often the manager is ranked.

Johansen fought to play a solid place in the team with several big celebrations ahead of him in the series. So far there have been only three games since the start of the Premier League and a total of six innings in the first twelve games.
Therefore, a change in management may be appropriate for a Norwegian national team.

– It's a new beginning for everyone. That's what I've experienced before with new managers. As with Brendan (Rodgers Magazines) in Celtic. Everyone has to bite their teeth and fight for a place. Everyone must show that they have
ability to play. I'm looking forward to returning and looking for a place, "says Johansen.

– He's a guy like Stefan

TV 2s Broad Hangeland spent six seasons in Fulham, and the former national team believes that Ranieri's entry is good news for Johansen.

"Fulham missed a guy like Stefan, who is in the war. He focused too much on the defensive, and he was" soft ", says Hangeland.

"I think that this could slightly improve his capabilities. There is a new manager who has nothing to do with the players, he did not sign any of them." Stefan competed directly against men who signed for huge sums.
Everyone has blank sheets now, he says

Ranieri has left the job since leaving Nantes last season. The Italian coach has a lot of experience with top football, but is probably remembered for Lester's performance in the Premier League in 2016.

– To enter in the name of Ranieri is exciting. He was in big big clubs, but you can remember Leicester's stories. When you can do this with a shopping number that is not a city and other teams, then it says
Much respect for what he got there. It's exciting to see what he's thinking, "says Johansen.

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