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Kamara became unselfish when Norway made a step towards EM: – Fantastic feeling


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Cyprus – Norway 0-2

Nicosia: He was dead at the stadium. But the Norwegian dream of the final game is much more lively than for a long time.

When the game is over, the players hugged.

The selected Lars Lagerback is a radio business. 2-0 at the GSP stadium was more than enough to secure a group spirit in the League of Nations.

Ola Kamara just manages to reach the ball first.

"Wonderful feeling," said Ola Kamara at the interview scene after the match.

Kamara got a chance to start in Slovenia. After that, he sat with the feeling that he did not get what he wanted. Before meeting in Cyprus, he is therefore determined to deliver.

"It was my entry to the match here, so now I have to show that I am" sharp ", and now I have to achieve one of the first chances. I did it.

Comes from the Los Angeles Galaxy club where all the last games were to be beaten in the playoffs. He finally smoked, but Kamara says he was used to having a knife on his throat.

– Like it. It gives me an extra blow.

Comment: The battle was impossible to lose


"I am very satisfied. We have got a group and now we know that we want additional chances when we start the regular qualification," Lagerback said after the match for TV 2.

Obviously he was pleased with Ole Kamaras two goals, but he did not want to attract individual players.

"Ola does the same thing as all the other players. It was a strong team effort as usual," said the boss.

Norway is a step towards dreaming of EM games by 2020.

The group's owner is in the final match in March 2020. Norway will meet with other winners in the group from the third league league, and it appears to be affordable.

In the meantime, by 2019, there is a regular qualification for the EC. Grey Norway qualifies through this, there will be no more League nations in this round. Then he is entitled to the first championship of the European Championship in 2000.

  • Empty tribunes created reactions in social media:

When Norway played a major battle for a long time, almost skakavci were heard

Empty stands

When Norway provided a very long-awaited trip to the national team, the environment was special.

There was little in Nicosia that reminds us that Norway played its most important international match in three years.

Rarely, maybe never, the calls of "healthy Norway" sounded so good on the ground.

Rune Tribune sounds a bit of scattered shrieks and sporadic trumpets. Otherwise, they mostly heard the umbrella from the stand.

During the break, the sounds of the locusts were replaced by party music that gave associations to various beaches in the southern regions.

Utilizing points

Behind the stand on which small Norwegian fans stood, one could see the flag of northern Cyprus captured in Turkey. The flag lights from the mountain and is clearly visible from the southern part of the island.

It is a symbol of a lasting, rampant conflict.

But this course has little fighting spirit with the Cypriots. It was the first round to slip.

However, the Norwegian penalty of 10 minutes in the game could be punished as the ball hit the hand of the Cypriot opponent, but the referee decided not to hit.

Mohamed & Moi & # 39; Eliounoussi shot, but Norway made a small home team.

But then, ten minutes before the break, the results were released. Havard Nordtveit played a boxing game on the back of the Cyprus defense, sprint Omar Elabdellaoui hit the ball to the first touch, and Kamara stood and hit the ball in the goal.


Immediately after the break, the result was the second. And again, Kamara was the last on the ball. The corner went through the field before the top appeared on the last post and increased the lead of Norway.

Martin Ødegaard was standing behind a situation that led to the corner. The 19-year-old entered the break for Iver Fossum, who was selected from the start in front of captain Stefan Johansen.

For Ødegaard, it took almost four days. When he entered Slovenia last Friday, it was his first international international match in three years.

"There was not a big soccer game, it did not go all the way to the Norwegian team, but we surely achieved two good goals and a win," said Egil Drillo Olsen in the TV 2 studio.

– Now EM is being realized. This team will become better and this was a deserved victory of the group, said TV 2 expert commentator Brede Hangeland.

In Slovenia, she was cooking at the stadium. Contrast in frames in Nicosia could hardly be higher.

But the result is that Norway has had the longest time in the national team for a long time.

2-0, but it took more. Deputy Alekander Sørloth had two rough recesses.

Especially the last, an open goal immediately before the end, it will probably be remembered for a long time.

Cyprus ended the game with ten men. Valentino Sielis became red shortly after he reduced Ole Selnæs ten minutes before the end.

And just before the referee caught the match, "Moi" was also expelled after taking two yellow cards.

A little joy. But it is not enough to stop the joy of a long-awaited trip to the national team.

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