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Karuana on the video: – I will not talk about it



LONDON (VG) (Magnus Carlsen-Fabiano Caruana 1 / 2-1 / 2) Also, the fourth part of the World Championship ended with Remis. So far, so far 2-2.

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– A little disappointing. I did not find a plan, Carlsen told the NRK after that. The party lasted for 34 years and a little over two and a half hours.

"Today I'm not happy with the party. I have wrongly evaluated something, because it was nothing today, he told VGTV.


He is suspected that the Caruan team tried to bring Carlsen into the Ioutube video

– He finished quite straight and similar.

Fabiano Caruana did not comment He saw that night by Tuesday earlier this fall from his training camp. Magnus Carlsen In return he said that he had not seen him. The video was made by a chess club in St. Louis and was announced on Ioutube evenings until Tuesday in Norwegian times. Several hours later it was removed. Unlike a similar Karlsen video, there was no video in Caruana.

"No, I do not want to say anything about it," the American told a news conference, but did not look happy with the situation.

He, for the first time in this World Cup, did not stand up to regular TV interviews with VG and NRK.

"I am aware that this exists, but I can honestly say that I have not seen it yet," said Norwegian, smiling smilingly more than challenging the World Cup at a press conference.

– I can look …

Magnus Carlsen hoped to enter this fourth party, but ended up with "nothing," as he said.


Chess expert: – Caruana twice missed what would be his great strength against Karlsen

The world champion opened with fresh c4, and quickly became optimistic among chess fans in Norway. But Caruana was again well prepared and Carlsen did not recover. America played sweater d4 in a move 10. Jon Ludvig Hammer in the VGTV studio was not impressed by Carlsen's research.

This is shocking. Caruana did this earlier this year, with black pieces, so it can not be a surprise. Or there has been an unimaginable loss in the preparation of Magnus, or two different plans that they think are equally good, said the second number of Norway.

Wednesday is a day off at the World Cup.

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