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Kate Moss – – Kill the rumors of its turbulent past


The British model Kate Moss (45) has never hidden her love for a party, and her degraded lifestyle has previously created more media headlines.

From 2005 to 2007, Moss was the boyfriend of the troubled and doping artist Pete Doherty (40), who has been arrested for possession of drugs on several occasions and has been admitted to rehabilitation.

Doherty was also known for the use of heroin, and when Pete and Kate were partners, there were many rumors that he was also running to the deadly substance.

Now, the 45 years they return to these rumors.

I was in denial

– They have called a lot. The terrible things I do not know. Such as: "Kate is a coup" (a person who uses heroin regularly. Journ.anm.). This was the text of a T-shirt. I was angry because I have never tried heroin. But then I thought: "Wonder, I could try it well," explains to The Sun, according to Contact Music.

Although Moss claims that he has never touched any heroin, he has a history of alcohol addiction. In 1998, he spent five weeks of rehabilitation to overcome the problem, writes the website.

Today, the beauty, which has daughter Lila Grace (16) with the former Jefferson Hack (48), admits that her lifestyle was not healthy and she did not want to return to her old habits.

– I was in denial. I could have continued to drink, but I started to be miserable. It stops working after a while. It gets messy. I stayed a long time and I drank a lot, sharing the model even more.

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After finishing the relationship with Pete Doherty, he fell in love with the guitarist "The Kills", Jamie Hince (50). The couple got married in 2011, but only three years later they married theirs.

– Jamie is clear that they have not kept a close relationship for a long time. He has always been incredibly jealous of his friends and, finally, he achieved a lot of friends from the couple of The Sun who claimed shortly after the break.

Since 2015, the mother of a daughter has been a girlfriend with the 13-year-old photographer Nikolai von Bismarck (32).

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You searched for help

Kate continues explaining to The Sun that he opted for rehabilitation when he realized that things would get out of control, although he basically did not want help.

– I never wanted to end up in a situation where I could not have a drink, admit and continue:

– But I could not keep myself in my mattress anymore. He left out of control. I do not think alcohol can make you happy. I could not think well once, because I was always drunk.

status of the icon

At his height, Moss was known for his style of "chic heroin", a tendency in the mid-nineties that sexualized clear skin, visible bones and goggles under his eyes. It was in great campaigns for Calvin Klein who became a world-renowned name.

He has been criticized repeatedly for this, often in combination with his lifestyle. He has also been photographed with heavy drugs.

Moss has been named on several occasions as one of the best paid models in the world and is still very active in the industry. In 2012, among other things, it was known that he had gained a little less than ten million dollars the previous year, according to Forbes.

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