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Kristian Raanes of Orkdal lost the rocket on the scene and continued in Idol


The case is being updated.

There are only five finalists in Idol's music competition. They are two from Trøndelag. They were still great favorites among judges and the public.

Today's theme was "Me and my band", and the challenge was to be the front figure in the band. This required close co-operation between artists and musicians of the band.

During the evening, Raanes and Hegwik number four and five were in the fire.

He debuted as a vocalist in the rock band

Kristian Raanes dreamed of becoming a rock star since he was a little boy. As he went to the Idol Audition, he made a big step outside the comfort zone and came out with a golden card.

Since then, Raanes has sung what he feels confidently and has received brilliant feedback. The stone was Ranais' entry to become a guitarist, but in this genre he was never a vocalist.

Last week, he was challenged by judges to move even further from the comfort zone, singing something new and unprecedented. He challenged and tonight picked up the song "Come Togheter" from The Beatles.

"It's hard to get into everything and dry and stand for it," says Raaney in preparation.

Trøndergutta today caused both neighboring zones to continue in Idol. Photo by Kristin Svorte

And he did it because the applause was standing and the judges were very impressed. Tshave Bakva meant that the superman was in the evening performances.

"You delivered inertia," says Gunnar Greve.

Although he was well received when Raane stepped in an unknown direction, he did not think he would lose in the same direction.

"I will continue and push my voice every day, but I know in the graphic card that I am an artist and I will not jump away from what I can," says Raanes in the Adress list after the show.

Happy for the first time

Not only Raane, who have expanded the boundaries in the comfort zone. Tonight, Øistein Hegvik sang for the first time during this competition, a happy song.

"I was happy to sing a happy song, it was time to do something else, but it's definitely far beyond the comfort zone," Hegvik says to Adresseavisen.

For the first time, Øistein Hegvik drank a happy song for the first time and presented the true Øistein. Photo by Kristin Svorte

For him, it was a way to show his personality, like a happy boy he really is. Heggik gets the audience at the party while smiling with the song "Paradise" by George Ezra, and in the meantime everything is as high as he could.

"Your voice is incredible, I felt that today we see the true Øistein," says Judge Idol Silje Larsen Borgan

The color disappears

During the preparation for the evening show, Heggik discovered that he was most afraid of disappearing after Idol.

– That's what I want to do with the life of music. Therefore, I hope that this is just the beginning and that I can continue with it after Idol is over, says Hegvik.

– Thank you

Until now, none of them was among the least votes of the three.

"It was good for me and I promise to be in the competition, and it's good that people vote for me," Heggik said.

Raaney never thought to stand where he is today and feels great gratitude for coming to the competition.

"It seems to me to be incredibly good to be involved, and I am very pleased with the evening," says Christian Raanes.

If he had never been among the least of the three, he did not fully understand.

"First, I think it happened, but I am very grateful that you have come to this point," he says.

Trons was never among the least votes of the three. Photo by Kristin Svorte

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