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Losses close to 100 million deficits: Vipps – Business


The annual after-tax result ended 93,4 million NOK for Vipps, writes Dagens Næringsliv, after the company released its annual report.

Vipps boss, Rune Garborg, focuses on user numbers.

– Actually, we have just spent one million invoice payments per month, says the newspaper.

It seems like that is the case

Therefore, the head of Vipps does not seem dark for the company's deficit, which lasted almost 100 million Norwegian crowns last year.

The Vipps payment service ended in 2018 with operating revenues of 776 million NOK.

After adding costs of more than 1,000 million NOK, the operating profit was less than 255.5 million Norwegian crowns for the relatively new company.

Garborg says that the deficit is due to the fact that maintaining the pace with target groups and competition is expensive, while having enough technological solutions.

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Rune Garborg

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Rune Garborg


Vipps was launched by DNB on May 30, 2015 – and it is a mobile payment service where you can transfer money to friends or pay without a KID number.

Since 2017, the service is an independent company in which DNB is the largest owner with a 52 percent share, the SpareBank 1 alliance owns 25 percent, savings banks independent of 12 percent , Eika Gruppen 10 percent and Sparebanken Møre of 1 percent.

According to the annual report, the service has more than 3.2 million users and more than 500,000 transactions per day. 75% of the population used Vipps.

Last fall, the old employees of Telenor worked internationally Berit Svendsen.

Vipps has also launched Vipps Go for the catering and service sector, where you, as a customer, can apply and pay directly from the menu, but with a varied reception. One of the areas to be in the largest open air in Oslo – Lekter – recently said the agreement.

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