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Luigi is ready for new Halloween ghost games


The next game of the Luigi's Mansion series has been released and comes to the Nintendo Switch on October 31, that is, Halloween itself or Halloween for the Norwegians.

The date was revealed on Twitter, along with a short video teaser for the next ghost adventure of Lugi.

The article continues below the Twitter message.

Ghost hunt with new tools

In Luigi's Mansion 3, the green-faced brother of Mario should fight again against various ghosts who pursue a generous luxury hotel. Something doubts about the task and to help Luigi get a series of new things.

The friendly Luigi hotel and the band you visit are not so beautiful anyway. Photo: Nintendo

These include the update of the Poltergust-00 vacuum cleaner, which includes several innovations, as well as the Gooigi mind, a copy of Luigi controlled by a player that can reach areas that do not reach the real plumber.

Luigi's Mansion 3 was one of the games we tested on E3 2019. Our own Andreas Bjørnbekk was amazed at the value of entertainment and hoped that he would seek ghosts with friends in the new ScareScraper mode .

– The challenges that face Luigi are many, but funny, and we think it can adapt to both children and adults. It will be exciting to see more when this moment arrives, and we hope to discover how it will be to play with a friend, he concluded.

A new variant of Nintendo Switch will soon arrive.
The Switch Lite is smaller, but it falls into television mode and Joy-Cons can be removed »

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