Friday , October 7 2022

Male (39) was sentenced to ten years in prison for a joke


– In part of our argument, we agreed to reduce penalties. Ten years is something we look forward to after circumstances, human counselor Per Ove Marthinsen says Romerikes Blad,
who first mentioned the thing.

The murdered man should not be interested in attracting. Chief Prosecutor Trude Antonsen requested 11 and a year in prison.

The murder took place on the evening of August 7 last year in a car in Feiring, Eidsvoll. According to the accusation, the man took a quelertak to his 23-year-old girl and twice struck her throat with a knife.

The man has all acknowledged the murder sentence.

He stopped cookies

From the judgment, jealousy seemed to be a motive for the murder. During a road trip north through Feiring, the man stopped the car to write, he explained. When he returned, the girl talked to another man.

"The Accused explained that he was already angry and boring in N.N. (died) because of contact with N.N. (the other man) during the trip. He considered it to be unnecessary and dishonest," the ruling states.

After an intense row, they began to fight in the car, according to a 39-year explanation. After being stabbed with a 19 centimeter knife, the Accused swallowed a woman and then took control of the knife. While he's 23 years old
he was unconscious as a result of suffocation, he took it with a knife, showing an autopsy report.

car accident

Moreover, the man was sitting in the car, sending a number of messages to his friends about what had happened. "It will happen in the future through the news and so on," he wrote to one of them. At the same time, he tried in various ways to agree

Even a man remembers the little ten hours that followed. "He drove a car three to four kilometers north of the national road all the way to the border with Oppland with the N.N. (died) mortal seat at the passenger seat," it was stated in the judgment.

There, the man left the road and got stuck. On Tuesday morning, August 8, the Central Station of AMK reported a traffic accident. When an ambulance arrived, they soon realized that there was an assassination.

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