Monday , April 12 2021

“Mørkredd” named the game of the year: NRK Kultur og underholdning

This year’s fully digital edition of The price of the game, which is the answer of computer games to the Amanda award, brought together the Norwegian gaming industry on Thursday night.

The big winners tonight were “Mørkredd”, which was named the best Norwegian game of the year, and “Hellheim Hassle”, which won in four of seven categories.

– It’s a big surprise and a lot of fun to win. The team has worked very hard with “Mørkredd” for many years, so we’re very happy that you can also get recognition for that, says game developer Are Sundnes at Hyper Games.

The 2021 Game Award aired on Twitch.

Lars Richard Olsen (right) and John Cato Lorentzen (bottom left) of the Game Game Award, along with the Are Sundnes Award winner at Hyper Games.

Photo: Twitch / LOLbua

The Game Award is an annual award focused on Norwegian games. Seven prizes will be awarded and chosen by a professional jury made up of people from the Norwegian gaming and gaming industry. The award is part of the Kavalkaden event, which is the big gaming industry party organized by the Norwegian Film Institute, Virke and Nordic Game.

The Game Prize itself is the only gaming prize in Norway after the most industry-oriented Engraved in gold it closed in 2015 after many disagreements.

See the full list of winners with jury comments here:

Game of the year:

  • Mørkredd (Hyper Games): – An exciting and beautiful puzzle game in a class of its own

The other nominees: Apple Slash, Embracelet, Hellheim Hassle, Mesmer.

Game of the year: small screen:

  • Hellheim Hassle (perfectly paranormal): – A very fun, entertaining and demanding game.

The other nominees: Embracelet, Hellheim Hassle, Safari Forever, Terror Squid, Worm Jazz.

Best game design:

  • Hellheim Hassle (perfectly paranormal): – In addition to being fun, it has a unique design and game mechanics that work well on teams.

The other nominees: Apple Slash, Mesmer, Dark Creed, Terror Squid.

Better visual expression:

  • Hellheim Hassle (perfectly paranormal): – A holistic and well-developed artistic direction where the visual is placed first.

The other nominees: Apple Slash, Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond, Dark Creed, Tanknarok.

Best sound:

  • Hellheim Hassle (perfectly paranormal): – This game is a comedy, and is elevated a little more by the good performances of voice and music, made with charm and sense of time. Have a sound experience that you won’t forget right away.

The other nominees: Apple Slash, Embracelet, Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond, Red Dark, Terror Squid.

Best fun for everyone:

  • Tanknarok (Polyblock Studio): – Chaotic and fun for players of all ages.

The other nominees: Hellheim Hassle, Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond, Red Dark, Safari Forever.

Best technology:

  • Fishing: North Atlantic (Various Games): – Advanced gaming systems provide an attractive and well-designed experience.

The other nominees: Apple Slash, Hellheim Hassle, Mørkredd, Terror Squid.

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