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Nations League Group C3 – Only better than fantastic is good enough for Norwegian EM dreams


  • Slovenia-Norway, Friday at. 20.45

LJUBLJANA (Dagbladet): Lars Lagerback says the seventh victory in eight games in 2018 is a fantastic achievement. He is right. On the return from the ambis, it's not too long since we were at number 86 on FIFA ranking, it's not a matter of our opponents who held ranked positions 36 (Iceland), 42 (Australia), 45 (Bulgaria), 60 (Albania), 62 (Slovenia), 70 (Panama) and 86 (Cyprus).

TO VIN The league in the League should end with nine out of ten. This is a rare product. At the same time, it is very likely. A better defense has made the Norwegian team capable of controlling the fight against teams at our level, now the third best in Europe.

The rest, in order to get EM score on the regular qualification side to be played by 2019, is based on some absolutely necessary goals.

ON FIRE The first matches in the Nation League, Norway scored four – 2-0 Cyprus (H), 0-1 Bulgaria (B), 1-0 Slovenia (H) and 1-0 Bulgaria (H). This is for the lead of the group for better goal difference than Bulgaria. But when the status ends in late evening on Monday in Nicosia19. In November, efficiency may be what ultimately bites us.

Accordingly, Slovenia-Norway and Cyprus-Norway have just won.

He won two remaining matches in Bulgaria – Cyprus (B) and Slovenia (H) – enough to win.

"We have people on the placement in other matches (Cyprus-Bulgaria on Friday, Bulgaria-Slovenia on Tuesday) and adjust the match after Bulgaria," says Lars Lagerback. Nothing will be left to the cases.

SHORT TERM Offensive gambling on results is what we need. If Bulgaria is guilty of the assumption, a possible leadership and storming will be held. But all of these are alternative plans, the only thing that is certain is that Norway will be Norway.

A team with a good structure and a well organized hair bicycle.

Fingerprints Lars Lagerback.

BEFORE BULGARIA in Ulleval on October 16th, Norway fell with an offensive part of the game. The rhythm of the attack was not present due to poor selection and lack of precision. Be victorious after winning matches or matches against the established defense, Norway has made more mistakes than the correct one. But, suddenly, it fell a lot between 20:45 and 21:30 on Tuesday night in October.

Norway played good, brave and diverse attacking football in all stages of the game.

The only thing missing was the results.

2-0 ABOUT BUGARI it would give us mutual benefit if it finishes with details after six games. In such a scenario, the difference in the goal would be academic. But, where we are now, because Norway and Bulgaria are equally dying after winning 1-0, the number of scoring in the last two matches can be the one who decides in the 3C league league.

The disadvantage of Joshua King for an open goal immediately before the end of Bulgaria is getting bigger and bigger.

PAGE LARS LAGERBACK took over Norway 18 months we wanted, talked and called for a Norwegian attack game. Against Bulgaria in Ulleval they came very much at once. Movements, passions, tears and opposition – everything was at the same time in the first half.

For the first time in many years, Norway has been good in both ways.

With this level Inside – when Norway can go through the wrists, two high-defensors who always want to be on the edge or between opponents and middle-aged players, as well as prominent and opposite players who work, fight and take the necessary races ahead of their goals, Norway will always create a chance for goal. It's good that we bring you on Friday evening in Ljubljana. The last time Norway was before the players went to each other in October, it was very good.

If the next good, we will get three new points this Friday night.

SLOVENIA IS SLADKA, has a violation, quarantine and referee refuses to play for the national team (Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid). It helps. Uncertainty is the new coach since we last hit them. But it is not about Slovenia, it is a profit that Norway managed to build for 20 months with Lars Lagerback.

A good defense game.

Attack the first round game against Bulgaria.

Amounts of 1 and 2.

If it grows, we travel to Cyprus with even greater faith in the victory in the group.

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