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New Tesla reduces the price by 83,000 NOK


Tesla Model 3 arrived in Norway before and firmly checked the registration statistics.

In March, it established a Norwegian record in the number of cars registered in a month. A total of 5,315 Norwegian model 3 signals received this month.

So, for a long time, the interest for "people-Teslaen." Tesla never comes out with numbers by orders, but several thousand Norwegians booked the car last year.

So far, Tesla has just sold the Long Range Edition with a range of up to 560 kilometers, according to the newest method of WLTP measurement.

Shorter reach

The initial price is NOK 450,000. But now it is clear for a launch that is considerably cheaper.

With the Standard Plus battery, the initial price of model 3 goes down to 377,020 NOK, including delivery costs. Then you have to do something with less scope. It is estimated at 415 kilometers. However, in the combination of prices and rank, there are not many competitors that can compare with this.

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The interest for Tesla Model 3 has been high since the car was first shown.

Car delivery in May

– We have not yet received the estimated delivery period in Norway for the Standard Plus variant, but we will notify you as soon as we know it. Norwegian customers who request variants of long-haul and performance today still have an estimated delivery in May, according to Sandvold Roland, who is the communications and public relations manager of Tesla in Norway.

– What do you think about the distribution of sales between the two variants?

– We believe there will be a strong interest in Standard Plus. For those who do not want to have maximum reach with long-range battery, this is an attractive variant, says Sandvold Roland.

Model 3: Here you have all the prices

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Tesla Model 3 put the Norwegian record in registrations in March. Now comes the less expensive standard version.

No 4×4

At the same time, the basic pilot of the autopilot has become a standard equipment for the new orders of all Teslaer. This means that they include AutoStore for adaptive cruise control and file support. The most advanced features, such as the Navigator on the autopilot, continue to be a different equipment package.

Tesla first introduced an edition called Standard. Now it seems that it has been eliminated progressively, so that Standard Plus becomes the input model.

While the long-lasting edition has 4×4, Standard Plus comes with rear traction. In the Norwegian market, many will probably consider it as an inconvenience. The maximum speed is also lower, while acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take a little longer, more specifically 5.6 seconds.

So far, Tesla has only sold the Long Range edition of its model 3 in Norway. But now they open for the edition Star Normal Plus less expensive.

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