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Nils Kvalvik: – Hardly injured in “Torpet”


The “farm” and the side competition “Torpet” are in full swing, and at the moment it is Nils Kvalvik (40), Mohamed Sarmadawy (27) and Daniel Godø (29) who form the trio on the nearby small side farm Hurdal a Østre Toten.

So far, “Torpet” has gone its own way, seemingly without the big drama. But in reality, brutal things have happened that have not been shown to viewers.

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He was expelled for fainting

Perhaps the most dramatic was when Kvalvik was kicked out by a cow and ended up in the emergency room.

– He was cursed, a few seconds from my memory. It was dark. I saw stars and planets, he tells See and Hear, a 40-year-old man.

- She tried to get us out

– He tried to get us out

One of the cows on the “Torpet” farm had mastitis, which posed an additional risk when participants had to milk it.

– Putting a cow with a swollen udder together with three boys who don’t have cords … Luckily I worked a bit with cows and I knew that a cow with a swollen udder can suffer after you. So my first reaction when I realized the cow wasn’t feeling well was to find the aiming bar that came with the cow in “Torpet,” Kvalvik says.

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– Complete takeoff

He found the hoop and began milking. But suddenly the big animal raised its foot. He suddenly realized it wasn’t working. It was difficult for the “Torpet” participant.

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– It took off completely inside the stop and I have never seen such a damn pointer fly before. What struck me most was that that cow had never carried any stitches. He also confirmed the production to me.

- It is well above the line

– It is well above the line

Keep on:

– Of course, when you let a cow with suckling inflammation into a farm with three “aquatic gnomes” and wait for it to turn out well …? It should be remembered that the agricultural profession is one of the most dangerous professions in Norway today. At least as it was practiced a hundred years ago. Kvalvik believes this is a safety issue.

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Sent to the doctor

Finnmarkingen explains that he mysteriously managed to deal with his hands when he crashed into the cow and that he may have saved his life and health.

– I could have hit my abdomen, but somehow I grabbed the cow’s foot when it kicked. But my neck had a jolt when I landed. Because I ended up on a pile of rocks back there. It was a raw muscle strength.

- Don't take me out

– Don’t take me out

– A kick from a cow of this size can crush what is found in bones in the body. But I got back on my feet and milked the cow. I had to grab it neatly and neatly without a kick bar. Meanwhile, the production had organized a doctor because he was completely gone and in a lot of pain. So we went to the doctor and the doctor said he was reasonably swollen in the shoulder and foot. He wrote me a reasonably strong recipe, with six strong painkillers a day. It shows how painful it was.

PARTICIPANTS: Nils Kvalvik along with Daniel Godø and Dineke Polderman, who were the first three participants of this year's «Torpet».  Photo: TV 2

PARTICIPANTS: Nils Kvalvik along with Daniel Godø and Dineke Polderman, who were the first three participants of this year’s «Torpet». Photo: TV 2
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It is said that the doctor established that there was no talk of any internal bleeding. And, on the part of Kvalvik, it was never an issue to withdraw from the program, although “he went to a foggy country for a few days and doesn’t remember much from the first day after the accident.”

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– It could have gone very wrong

Still, he makes no secret of the fact that he believes TV 2 and Strix should watch their routines and make sure events like this don’t happen again.

– As for HSE (health, environment and safety, newspaper. Note), I am critical, especially when we know that the agricultural profession is so dangerous. The least that can be done is to take safety precautions that prevent a cow from killing anyone. I don’t blame the cow, because she just panicked. TV 2 and Strix should critique and learn exactly that. Don’t stick with HSE.

- An intolerable type

– An intolerable type

– What mistake could have come out?

– If he had not received with his arms, he could have spoken of internal bleeding. This is usually the result when a cow or horse kicks you. It could have gone very wrong.

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– I will think they are learning

According to Kvalvik, one of the other participants in the “Torpet” farm, Daniel Godø, must have witnessed the drama.

– I was out there for a few seconds, but when I heard about Daniel what he looked like, I was scared too. I was a little scared, because he said he was terrified because I was “completely gone.”

Excited after

Excited after “La Granja”

– Did you take your critical views with the production when you returned to the farm?

– Yes, but nothing else happened. We had to keep milking the cow without a shot, even though the boys were terrified of doing so after what had happened. I understand that perfectly. But I think they will take precautions next year, they will learn from their mistakes. That shouldn’t have happened, says Kvalvik, who is also critical of several things that happened there, including when Sarmadawy “almost cut his foot off with an ax” right after he reached the small side yard.

CRITIC: Nils Kvalvik is critical of several things that happened inside

CRITIC: Nils Kvalvik is critical of several things that happened inside “Torpet”. Photo: Tor Lindseth
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Robert Michael Scott was also wounded early with an ax at “The Farm.”

– Then a bell should ring, they should have thought it would be smart to teach participants how to use an ax. If the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority had seen all this, they would have broken Strix based on these things.

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TV 2: – No problem to continue

TV 2 press officer Jan-Petter Dahl confirms to Se og Hør that Kvalvik was injured by a cow in the second week of filming on the eleventh day of production.

– When the production found out that Nils had been fired, they took him to a doctor. The doctor prescribed painkillers and thought it was no problem for Nils to continue his stay. It was never considered to remove Nils from “Torpet” as a result of this, Dahl says, before continuing:

- He walked on his back

– He walked on his back

– This cow has been in “Farmen” and “Torpet” for several seasons. He is accustomed to people he does not know, and we have not experienced any problems with the cow either before or since. The cow continued to be one of the farm animals of “Torpet,” without anyone experiencing it as problematic in relation to milking and inflammation of the breast.

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