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Northug gets heavy resistance – he met the former Olympic winner in Gala


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Switzerland is therefore at the opening of the World Cup in Finland's Rukama, and plans to leave on Friday fifteen and 15 kilometers of classical Sunday, 15 kilometers of free technique, writes Nettavisen.

The World Cup is an excellent goal for Cologne, and in an interview with the Swiss TV channel SRF he says that this is not the World Cup that is at the top of the list of priorities.

Northug, on the other hand, went on a pedestrian race on Friday and Saturday sprint during the Nordic GP in Gala. Trønder was far from the old size and was eating at Beitostølen. On Saturday he did not even go to the sprint police. He does not think he will be before Christmas.

"I think it will be difficult for the World Cup, and on my part, I will compete at the second level and training." She responded well to training last week, but not much. I need to bring these competitions with me, and then we will see how the body works "Northug told reporters prior to the opening of Beitostol.

He gives himself three weeks before he decides on the direction.

"I presented the C and D plans for you and, as I hope, it will help me fast play faster." There is a lot of work, but there is a chance, if I do not go skiing in mid-December then it's over. see if there will be any kind of championship. The last term is fast skiing in the Scandinavian cup for three weeks, then I know more.

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