Friday , September 24 2021

Oslo Børs falls from the beginning: E24

Kongsberg Automotive falls after a tightening of results, while Kalera rises again.


Initially, the Oslo Stock Exchange fell 1.03 percent to a value of 1126 points, but in the 11-hour period it has fallen 0.51 percent.

Since yesterday’s stock market day, U.S. stock markets have risen, while Asian stock markets and oil prices have fallen. The price of oil fell half a percent at the opening of the stock market, but quickly fell another percent to $ 75.

Kongsberg Automotive in a bit

Kongsberg Automotive presented a quarterly result before the stock market opened. It turned out that the skis of world products decreased the result by more than 200 million crowns.

When it opens, the share falls nine percent and drops 7.82 percent at 11 p.m. Since a recent peak in January, shares have fallen by about 30 percent.

Kongsberg Automotive earned revenue of 296 million euros in the second quarter, compared to 154 million euros in the corresponding period last year. In the same period, operating profit increased to 5.1 million euros, from minus 117 million euros, while pre-tax profit improved to 1.6, from 123 million euros. ‘negative euros.

Kalera begins delivery to the supermarket giant

The Kalera vertical farm announces Friday morning that they have completed the installation of new electrical components at its Atlanta plant. The components will correct an error that caused periodic outages earlier this year.

When the stock market opens, Kalera’s share rises by almost one percent. From the high in February, the share has still fallen by about 40 percent.

Kalera, where Stein Erik Hagen is the third largest shareholder, also announced Friday morning that starting in the fall they will begin delivering vegetables to about 400 Kroger stores from the company’s facilities in Houston and Atlanta. This adds to the 440 Publix stores the company supplies from its Orlando facilities.

Nel follows Nikola down

Nikola founder Trevor Milton was charged with fraud after the stock exchange closed yesterday. He is said to have made incorrect statements to investors and misinformed about the progress in the development of the company’s trucks. Yesterday Nikola shares fell more than 15% in the United States.

Norske Nel has 1.1 million shares in Nikola and yesterday they fell in value by NOK 11.2 million.

When the stock market opens, Nel stock falls two percent and ranks second most traded after Equinor, but rebounds in the morning and down 0.27 percent at 11 p.m.

Asian stock markets are falling

In East Asia, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Seoul Stock Exchange have fallen more than one percent, while the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has fallen more than two percent. Only the Singapore and Sydney stock exchanges are saving the big drop, with flat quotes all day long.

In Hong Kong, the technology sector is falling, a part of the market that has been under pressure lately. The week began with big drops, before the mood changed again.

On Friday, the technology index fell 3.6 percent, according to CNBC. Big companies like Tencent and Alibaba are down 3.9 and 5.5 percent, respectively.

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