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"I realize I do not look like a supermodel," says Remy Berland.

He is from Stavanger, studying in Bergen, where he watches young people daily, seeking the ideal of beauty that is almost unattainable. But the twenty-five-year-old believes that there is not enough talk about how the guys experience pressure on the body.

"It's ideal to look like a fitness model with six-year-old, defined muscles and a percentage of fat, it's become pretty extreme.

Hoping to challenge today's body ideas, Remi reportedly reported the annual model of Bruno and Blide. You must be 18 years old to participate, but the solarium chain does not make any demands for sex, height or weight.

"However, all former winners are extremely well-traded. I think now is a moment for change, Berland says.

Remi Berland

Remy Berland is not afraid to show some whales. Now she wants to be a model.

Photo: Private

It was Haugesund's leaf that first mentioned the thing.

People are joking and laughing at me

The fact that weighing 102 kg and not scared to show some whales has led to a big response. For now, Remy is the one who won the most votes during the competition.

"I have received so much feedback, but there are people who make fun of me and we use exposure to more common bodies. People also need positive body.

At the same time, the twenty-year-old is concerned that he should not promote an unhealthy lifestyle. He considers it important to be in physical activity and to play handball several times a week.

"I want to show that it's not a kilogram that determines if you have healthy health.

"A few boys will admit

The volume of physical and mental health that registers itself is increasing, shows this year's youth report from the NOVA and OsloMet shows. According to the survey, there are many more girls who say they are dissatisfied with their appearance than boys. Head of training in Rogaland, Simon Næsse (Ap), we think we know little about how boys experience pressure on the body.

"It seems logical that girls get so bad compared to boys, when we know that boys fight more with school performance and violence than girls. Young people are also at the top of suicide statistics.

Simon Næsse

Simon Næsse (AP) believes that the taboo for men to admit they know the pressure on the body.

Photo: Elizabeth Huanca Violence

It has the impression that social media and a growing focus on body, exercise and nutrition are considered stressful for many boys. However, physical pressure among men is undernourished and tabooed, he thinks.

"It's a bit of a boy who will admit that they are fighting themselves, men have to be strong, perform and achieve status, it may be that someone has lost a moment when you feel threatened by a man." The first step is to start a taboo and make a debate in the community.

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