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REVIEW: Hitman 3 –

It’s been a bit of a trip with Agent 47 since 2017. I’ve never been a super fan of the well-known series of games and they’ve never clicked for me, as did the first game in the new trilogy when it went to go out.

Now Hitman 3 has come out, both for old and new consoles and PCs, and finally we end with World of Assassination. Danish developer IO Interactive has almost created its own genre with Hitman games, and it was also recently announced that they will be making a game based on James Bond.

Before that, though, we end the trip to Agent 47 by this time and it’s done in the usual style.

We go there

The beginning to the end for 47. Photo: Gøran Solbakken /

The story continues right after the end of Hitman 2 and you’ll see yourself thrown more or less straight into the fun. The game begins outside and on top of the world’s tallest building in Dubai, where you’ll sneak into a luxurious setting to achieve your life goals.

Hitman games basically consist of at least killing your target or targets. It’s more about exploring the big boards, figuring out where you can and shouldn’t be looking, looking for weapons, poison, and other equipment that can help you get in, kill someone, and escape without getting caught.

Actually, starting to shoot and wreak havoc is not the issue, and it is almost impossible to get the game complete with this approach. I’ve learned to look at Hitman, which is a puzzle game, where I have to solve a series of puzzles, see what actions trigger what response, so I can place my goal wherever I want.

Hitman games have become good at presenting you with possibilities through historical missions. These are small stories and chains of events that you can follow in the game, which will take you a bit in the right direction. You are free to choose if you want to follow them or if you want to be guided, but they work at least very well as a small guideline.

Freedom to choose for yourself

Exactly this way of guiding the player, I think IOI has been getting better and better during the trilogy, and they are at their best in Hitman 3. When the first mission is a more classic Hitman mission, it turns it all around. they place you in the midst of a murder mystery of Agatha Christie, where Agent 47, disguised as a private investigator, ends up trying to solve a family drama far more than previously thought. It’s a wonderful fun, silly and one I enjoyed.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t follow this story in any way, but it’s so much fun alone that I recommend you do it at least once. Of course, there is the same freedom to solve the murder and the developers shine with creativity and with a blink throughout the game. The challenges describe some of the things you can do, but you have to find them yourself. And it’s a lot of fun, thanks to a very good level of design.

The areas are wide and varied. Photo: Gøran Solbakken /

The different areas you visit during the game are unique and varied. The luxurious and elegant setting of Dubai, the classic noble house of England or the heavy, dirty and chaotic club of Germany are among the best they have done throughout the trilogy. The game varies in wide, open areas, both outdoors and indoors, between narrow, dark corridors and chaotic urban areas. The design and size of the level only offer hours of playback.

Summary after each level. Photo: Gøran Solbakken /

You’re not done with a board or Hitman, even if you round out the story. The fun is playing again, unlocking other places to start, new equipment and mastering and learning the different places. After each completed mission, you’ll get a summary of the challenges you’ve done, the amount of board you’ve explored, and all the things you’ve discovered. You can see how it ranks against friends or the rest of the world with a summary score. It’s a little fun to see that I, who was pretty much in the middle of the tree through the different levels, spent an average of 60 to 90 minutes per board the first round, and the best, fastest and most resolute scores solved the same task in less than five minutes. Then I know there are things to learn here that I haven’t found at all, but that make me jump back in and try again.

The final story that has followed the three Hitman games is lavish and a bit silly, and works even better as a context for the new areas. It’s not particularly bad, but it’s not good either. There are powerful men and women who know everything, see everything, and possess everything that pulls the strings and you are trying to break. Overall, the story is probably the best of this game when compared to the first two games, but it’s not the story that’s Hitman’s core. Technically, this is the most beautiful game in the series, with a great use of light and a very good wealth of details in the environment. Figure design and all the nameless people are the weakest in design, but it works well anyway. The game runs stably and stably on PlayStation 4 Pro, which is the test platform.


An assassin sneaks in. Photo: Gøran Solbakken /

Hitman 3 is a very good ending to the World of Assassination trilogy for IO Interactive. They have refined and improved the Hitman experience through three games that maintain high quality. That’s more than Hitman fans want and I’ve enjoyed it throughout the game.

The new places to explore are big and varied, offer their own unique challenges and are the real stars of the game. There are many possible paths to the goal, some are stupid while others are really hard to come by. The challenge is to solve the different challenges that the game presents to you and the possibility of playing it for good is also underway this time.

Hitman 3 is completed in style, and I hope to get rid of dodgy targets as they arrive, in addition to dominating all locations.

Hitman 3 will be released on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Stadia and Nintendo Switch on January 20th. We tested the game on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

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