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So the Navy will raise "Helge Ingstad": "It's a complex and challenging phase


NEW PHASE: KNM «Helge Ingstad» will now be erected by Hjelteefjorden.
NEW PHASE: KNM «Helge Ingstad» will now be erected by Hjelteefjorden. Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces


HAAKONSVERN (VG) Milliardfregatten KNM "Helge Ingstad" is lifted using two cranes and without staff on board.

published: Updated: 11/18/18 18:20

That's what it says Navy at a news conference Haakonsvern Sunday afternoon

"It's a complex and challenging phase. We are fully focused on raising and reaching Helge Ingstad transported to Haakonsvern and getting the status of equipment and equipment. We have a plan, the quality will be secured and assessed continuously," said Fleet Commander Thomas T. Vedervang, the head of defense for the naval defense at a press conference on Sunday.

She says the Navy has the desire to be open around the merger process.

"Of course, we are very focused on the environment, and an important part of the plan will be to empty the tank for diesel and oil," said Vedervang.


Such was a dramatic record when KNM "Helge Ingstad" crashed into "Sola TS"

There is no water view

A total of about 2,600 meters of oil lens is laid around the vessel. The area is monitored using the flight of the flight.

"There is some pollution," says Johan Marius Li, deputy director of the coastal administration.

Guliver boat in Luxembourg arrived in Hanoitangen on Sunday – a boat that can raise 4000 tons. On Tuesday, a sailboat "Rambiz" arrives with a capacity of 3000.

"Helge Ingstad" weighs over 5,000 tons – besides being filled with water.

– As mentioned, it is a complex naval operation. We are strongly focused on quality assurance, says Project Manager and Captain Commander Arild Øidegard in defense materials.

"The boat has many rooms and it's pretty complicated." We do not have an overview of which water is filled with water, so we are preparing a detailed drainage plan, and when it reaches the water level, it will be in the normal waterline.

He'll make an elevator without people on board

Raising KNM "Helge Ingstad" is done without the need for personnel. This is confirmed by Øidegard VG.

"We have a plan to take water on board while being raised, to reduce weight, and we also have plans to ensure that diesel engines keep in mind that they do not miss during work, which means we will happen by drilling on board from the outside. must happen in consultation with people who can send and know where to drill, "Øidegard says.

The chains to be used to raise the list of accidents should be added in several tensions below the vessel – each hinge will be closer to half a meter. Work on this will begin next week.

– Chain is the choice because it gives natural friction to the hull. The plan is to place chains in places where the vessel is the strongest. Heating can take several days – because this will happen very slowly, he says.


"Helge Ingstad" said they could not swing, but the coast is ready: – Visible waters

In the plan of raising the list of accidents, the following is summarized:

– There are two large cranes on the outside of the vessel.

"In the area of ​​injuries, which work as a working platform to improve lifting and damping equipment, there are two smaller ships.

– The boat must be broken for diesel oil in the exposed areas, and then gradually lifted and checked.

– The carriers are transferred to a large underwater barge that is lifted and stabilized on board. The vessel is then connected in a manner similar to the standard dry connection device.

– "Helge Ingstad" is emptied of ammunition and other sensitive materials in consultation with the Navy, the National Accident Investigation Committee and the police before being hauled to Haakonsvern, where an estimate of the amount of damage will be made.

"It's assumed that the job will last about three weeks.

"We intend to set two scales to lift the crane to one another by simultaneously lifting the vessel and positioning it horizontally before it is inserted underneath the underwater vessel and stabilizing here before we lift the boat in the usual way. This is well known and conventional way to lift, says Øidegard.

When asked if emergency surgery is urgent, the Navy responds that they want to quickly retrieve the frequency, without compromising security.


A spokeswoman for the Navy, Toril Herland, told VG earlier on Sunday that the vessel was not peaceful. However, at a news conference, the Navy could say that "Helge Ingstad" was stable, without much movement.

"It's on the slope, and then there are challenges, since the weight works down. As it was on Tuesday, the accident remained stable without much movement," Øidegard says.

According to the Navy, the ship is constantly being tracked.

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– Reports are written once in half an hour. The question is what is the critical point. It depends on the amount of air and water inside the ship. We are worried that the ship will scroll or pour out, "says Herland.

Milliardfregatten KNM "Helge Ingstad" collided with a tanker TS "Sola" in front of Sturerminalen in Hjeltefjorden on the fourteenth night until Thursday last week.

After the collision, the frigate was based on purpose and 5000 tons of frigate was stabilized a total of ten steel whistles, connected to a mountain on land.

Monday night last week, the cities began to coerce. The new vaiers were fastened, but in the morning after smoking, all the festivals on the front of the ship, which resulted in the ship being almost under water.

Storage experts clearly criticized the way the ship was insured, the use of steel wire instead of the chain, and the way the wire was attached.

VG wrote Friday about local companies like stood behind an unsuccessful fuse.

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