Saturday , February 27 2021

Some of the strongest facts from “Shame”

Odin Waage offers the strongest Norwegian dramatic performance for years in the second season of Rådebank.

Odin Waage plays Glenn-Tore in season 2 of “Rådebank” on NRK. Here with Maja Evenshaug Christiansen as Hege. Photo: Max Emanuelson

Our assessment:

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With the first rest season Rådebank achieved its NRK universe Bygdeskam. The series followed a young robbery environment at Telemark. It would present young rural life in a credible way. At the same time, he tried to say something nice and important about young emotions. Rådebank he got the first, and partly the second.

In the second season, the series will be even better. This is one of the strongest you’ve seen of the young Norwegian reality next door Shame.

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