Wednesday , January 26 2022

The municipality of Oslo has won a bicycle praise last winter


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The audit firm Ernst & Young examined how the Oslo municipality managed huge snow last winter. The report concludes that the Local Environmental Agency has done a good job, writes Vart Oslo.

"There are many indications that many users have too high expectations for winter operations and expect barriers to standards after heavy snow," he said.

The local community registered a total of 19,000 complaints about winter maintenance, and Richard Kongsteien, Communications Director of the agency, said it was a very demanding winter with a lot of pressure from the public, the media and politicians, as well as a lot of pressure to escape from the snow.

The report shows that the police and ambulance are satisfied with access during the winter.

Representatives of council councils in the municipality, Blindeforbundet and the guardianship home interview in the report as representatives of pedestrians and are not so satisfied. Most of the criticisms that have occurred against the municipality are also the lack of a sidewalk on the sidewalk.

"This winter will be extra money for the winter drift sidewalk, especially within Ring 3," says Kongsteien.

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