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The success of TikTok gives millions to Aurora Aksnes – VG

OLD SONG, NEW SUCCESS: Aurora Aksnes. Photo: Paulina Cid

Six-year-old Aurora’s song is becoming one of the most popular and sought-after songs in the world.


In February 2015, the then relatively unknown Aurora Aksnes (now 24) launched “Runaway”.

It has opened doors to Aksnes himself and to others; Among other things, Billie Eilish, one of the biggest pop stars in the world, has stated that the song and the video of it were crucial for him to become an artist.

“Something inside me fell into place,” Eilish said.

– I owe it all to this song, Eilish later announced.

Now “Runaway” has been given a new life, and is now commercially serious.

This weekend, the song has surpassed the 100 best plays on Spotify worldwide. It now plays more than a million times a day on the streaming service.

There are figures of the kind that the international power giants Kygo and Alan Walker point out on good days.

At the time of writing, “Runaway” has just reached number 80 on Spotify’s global charts – a jump from 91st place the day before and 112th the day before.

Before the song started coming out again last fall, it was about. 70,000 daily reproductions, according to Aksnes Petroleum.

– Old flame

Aksnes has previously informed his followers that industry achievements, such as placements on lists and awards, are not of particular interest to him.

“Usually that doesn’t excite me so much”, says Aksnes in a message to VG broadcast by the record company.

“But it’s always good when you let an old flame live. It would have been a lot of fun to tell it to the eleven-year-old Aurora when she wrote this song. And then I think she probably would have been happy!” she informs.

According to Kim Paulsen on Petroleum Records, the new spring of “Runaway” began in August last year, organically, but also as a result of new interest after Aksnes ’participation in“ Frost 2 ”.

Looked for

Paulsen believes the artist’s own activity at TikTok has paid off.

– Aurora has shared cover versions, as well as her own versions of “Runaway”, which has caused a great deal of publicity and, from February this year, “Runaway” began to move violently.

At TikTok, there are now over 61 million visits to the “#aurorarunaway” tag.

At the time of writing, the song is the 13th most popular in the world by the Shazam music search service.

– It is also among the 50 most shared songs on Spotify in 28 countries, says Paulsen.

He also says that Aksnes has been working with new music throughout 2020 and that new releases will arrive this year.

Young and promising: Aurora Aksnes in 2015, the year she launched “Runaway”. Photo: Klaudia Lech

By the way, Aksnes is not the only Norwegian artist now experiencing new success with early music with the help of TikTok: Astrid S has conquered a new international market in recent months with her 2016 hit “Hurts So Good” .

Smeplass released a new version of the song a week and a half ago, in response to new interest.

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