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Therefore, iMessage is not on Android

The creator of “Fortnite”, Epic Games, is part of an ongoing legal dispute with Apple. The background is the (un) publication of “Fortnite” in the Apple App Store and, during the test, interesting details appear that, among other things, reveal why Android users do not have access to the popular application Apple Messaging, iMessage.

Epic Games claims that Apple is constantly trying to lock customers into its own ecosystem and that it uses FaceTime and iMessage as two examples.

The company argues that Steve Jobs in 2010 claimed that the FaceTime video service should become an open industry standard, but it is still only available on Apple devices and claims that iMessage is an important piece for Apple to keep customers in your ecosystem and refers to statements from Apple’s top executives.

Races after the launch of Apple

Races after the launch of Apple

I will lose in this

Among other things, from a 2016 email sent by an Apple employee back then:

– The hardest reason to leave the Apple universe is iMessage … iMessage is a serious block, wrote the person.

In a comment to the stated Phil Schiller, a member of Apple who reports directly to CEO Tim Cook, that “getting iMessage on Android will do us more harm than good. This email illustrates why.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software development, was concerned that parents with iPhones might give their children an Android phone if iMessage was on Android.

– iMessage on Android will be able to remove an obstacle for iPhone families to have their children have their Android phones, Epic Games points out in court.

He chose not to develop for Android

At the same time, developer “Fortnite” Eddie Cue, senior vice president of software and Internet services at Apple, cites that Apple in 2013 chose not to develop iMessage for Android. The Verge writes that Cue admits that Apple could have developed iMessage for Android so that users of the two platforms could have communicated with each other, but the app never came to anything.

The Beeper app promised earlier this year to offer iMessage on both Android and Windows, with a little trick and mix.

In recent years, Apple has launched several applications for Android and other platforms. Among other things, Apple Music for Android and Apple TV + for smart TVs, PlayStation and Xbox.

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