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Think that the Norwegians do not have much knowledge about avalanche risk


IN PREPARATION: The Minister of Social Security, Ingvil Smines, Tybring-Gjedde, was present during a great practice of avalanches in Finsefjellet on Friday. To the landslides, Red Cross workers looked for seven people. Photo: Junge, Heiko / NTB scanpix

SIRDAL / OSLO (VG) This winter has been the most deadly landing season for several years. According to a new survey, only one in three says he is sure how to evaluate the terrain.

– There are sad numbers that we see now. If you are overwhelmed by avalanche and survive, you are very lucky, says Security Minister Ingvil Smines, Tybring-Gjedde (FRP) to VG.

The recent survey was conducted by Opinion for Den Norske Turistföreningen (DNT) i Red Cross. A total of 1,087 people answered questions about mountain lakes.

48% of respondents say they are "uncertain" or "rather uncertain" to be able to evaluate what is dangerous or insecure.

Only six percent have been placed in the "very safe" category. 24% say they are very safe.

– The survey shows that the level of knowledge about avalanche risk is still too low, although Norwegian citizens generally have a high level of experience in the use of nature. The snow avalanche unfortunately takes life every winter and now it is important that we take care to reduce the proportion that, according to the survey, you do not know about its safety in the winter mountains , says Secretary General Bernt G. Apeland to the Red Cross.

Sad statistics

This winter, eleven people have lost their lives as a result of avalanches in Norway. This is, then, the deadliest of eight years.

The 2010/2011 winter caused the death of 13 people due to avalanche accidents in Norway, statistics of

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April the most lethal month of land slip accidents: dead by fear in Easter

VG meets with the Minister Tybring-Gjedde in Sirdal, where he opens this year the preparation of Easter with the Rescue Forum of voluntary organizations in Norway (FORF).

Tybring-Gjedde believes that the new poll should be taken seriously.

– That organizations like DNT and the Red Cross report their concern about the low level of knowledge of Norwegians about avalanche risk, they will take us all. It is very important that people who travel to avalanches know the dangers and have a good knowledge of how to treat them, Tybring-Gjedde.

Get your know-how on your visit

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde believes that it is important for everyone to participate in the development of competencies.

– Here, the authorities, the tourist and auxiliary organizations and the person who travels in dangerous lands must do their part to inform, inform, alert and familiarize themselves with the subject. I am very pleased with the inclusion of avalanches in the teacher's plan, which is followed by the driver's license to drive on a snowmobile. Driving a snowmobile has its special challenges and there are examples of this that the snowmobile traffic has caused landslides and, unfortunately, has led to the death of people on the motorcycle.

Tybring-Gjedde recommends to everyone who uses the warning service, which offers updated information about avalanche risk in Norway. This is also available in English.

– All avalanche experts say that "the greatest opportunity to survive an avalanche is to avoid being trapped": I ask people to use the information available to relief organizations and tourist organizations that have good advice for Anyone traveling in these areas. I should be able to say, says Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde.

FINSEKURSET: The Security Minister praises preparation for the rescue in Norway, which comes with all the available funds when the accident occurs. Here it is shown with Red Cross rescue workers in one exercise. Photo: Junge, Heiko / NTB scanpix

– Necessary experience

Alert warnings Heidi Bache The Norwegian Water and Resource Management (NVE) beach points out that good knowledge and experiences are needed to safely travel in dangerous areas.

"You have to be aware of the consequences of downloading a defeat, and you always have to know where the land is," said the beach.

It states that the NVE has increased the number of people in the mountains that travel intensely and that skiing in steep terrain has almost become a common property.

– There are many things that can go wrong, since they have been taken away from an avalanche. Everything is reduced to the safest way to live and ski again and again, and do not let them be caught by avalanches, says VG.

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