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This is the biggest battle of Sjögren


HARMONY: Martin Sjögren and his son, Noel Mårtensson meet in one of the Norwegian training sessions, calmness is a good image of the Norwegian staff at the moment. But tonight, Norway has an attack storm in France. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

NICE (VG) After 36 games, Norwegian coach Martin Sjögren is the greatest.

– I am convinced that we will do a good match, says the 42-year-old Swedish, in front of his toughest job as a coach, out of meeting with the host nation, France.

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He was fierce against the Netherlands in the European Championship, the decisive qualification before the same nation last fall was perhaps more important, but this fight is bigger. More than 35,000 at Allianz Riviera in Nice at the World Cup. The soccer world is coming. What does Norway offer without its boycotting superstar?

Very, says Martin Sjögren, who is not very stressed when going to training with his 10-year-old son, Noel. The contrast with July 25, 2017 could not be more clear. Sjögren and his first football leader, Nils Johan Semb, sat in a dorm room in Dutch Apeldoorn and tried to explain the worst test of the Norwegian championship, three consecutive defeats and no goals in the European championship.

It was not easy.

Sjögren asked for patience, Semb referred to EM as a sub-goal, VM was the main goal and now Sjögren and his team are promoting.

He has become a safer man, radiates peacefully and knows his team in a completely different way than before the European Championship. I should miss He had only been at work for six months at that time, and the place of the World Cup is a small achievement in himself.

VERY TIME: Martin Sjögren and Nils Johan Semb the day after the success of the EM was complete. Photo: Jostein Magnussen

But now there is nothing wrong. Now Sjögren has a long time and many days of meeting and has the players with him.

It is not a decisive battle, but it is still a fight that determines what the Norwegian players have with them, which is likely to be the eighth final. Are you good enough to play without problems with the best in the world? Is the goal of the realistic medal?

On Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., the Norwegian team met the grass of Nice. They brought a lot of images and videos to the interior of the stadium, where miraculously Iceland over England in the eighth round of the 2016 European Championship.

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It will not be far from being a miracle if this time it will also be the Nordic victory.

The French flag and the Norwegian are already hanging on the roof. It was almost completely calm, with the exception of some balls laughing in the lawn. In one day, I will Marseillaise Singing with French passion, then the Norwegian team will be paid for the execution of stage clothing on the speaker system during training in Ullevaal and Moss …

Kristine Minde walked the track alone, far from the rest, in her own world, until she realized that a photo was taken. Then he left. You should also do it tonight.

We only hope that the left back is not so alone tonight. Against Nigeria, there was a large room in front of her, Marion Torrent and Delphine Cascarino did not succeed.

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Martin Sjögren says he is confident in the place where he is, but can he really do it? to meet what? Rarely Norway is put to the test against the best, in 2019 only in Canada with five positions (0-1). After 2-1 in the Netherlands last fall, there were training matches for Sweden (1-2) and Japan (1-4).

The last three meetings with the current "10 best" teams have ended with a defeat of Norway in the 12th place.

DRIBLEDRIV: Caroline Graham Hansen becomes a key player aggressively at the meeting tonight with France. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

France is number four, built around seven players of the sovereign of Lyon and with a fierce enthusiasm. France is the favorite of the championship, along with the current US champion, but France is also the national team that never does it all, with two quarters of its best in the championship (one in the World Cup, one in the Games Olympic).

In the European Championship two years ago, nobody was alarmed: 1-0 in Iceland, 1 to 1 against Austria and Switzerland, the promotion saved by a goal in the final phase against Switzerland and the defeat of 0 to 1 for England in quarters. This is a French team better, but it does not make sense for Norwegian players to go mad in the field.

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Asked if he is sure that there will be no great losses, as South Korea experienced in his meeting with France (0-4), Martin Sjögren replied after training Monday: – Yes, I'm pretty sure we will not miss Perdre great

The manager of the national team knows and repeated often that France will have the ball at the most, but perhaps he must make sure that he does not say so many times that the players ultimately think it is what he should be. Norway must also get their own game, otherwise it will take 90 minutes long.

IN FRANCE: Trond Johannessen.

At the same time, Norway must have a different defensive game than against Nigeria. The French game is based on the movements of the game and the maximum speed on the flanks, Torrent and Cascarino on the right, and Majri and Le Sommer on the left and, of course, can not leave as huge surfaces as against Nigeria .

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Sjögren will not reveal anything, but Caroline Graham Hansen, the right flank against Nigeria, can move as a midpoint. Left side Ingrid Moe Wold will need help, often, and defensive work is not the best use of Graham Hansen, one of the Norwegian players with the potential to challenge the French defense force.

In the established pieces, Lyons Wendie Renard is an 187-inch Eiffel tower. 102 goals for Lyon, two goals against South Korea in the opening of the World Cup, ten of his last 11 goals from the national team have reached the top.

But Renard fights against an injury and may have to stay over. It will take the afternoon to Norway a little easier.

But it is still very difficult.

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