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Tiger bodies born in Dyreparken – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio


– Right now I see that the child has started drinking milk, so it looks very promising.

That’s what biologist Helene Axelsen said at Kristiansand Zoo in NRK around 9:15 a.m. Thursday.

Then there were also signs that the next young man was on his way, which should turn out to be the case.

Boonya later gave birth to four more pups.

Tiger cub born at the zoo

Here lies the mother tiger Boonya with her firstborn. He now has three.

Photo: Dyreparken screenshot

Alerted at least two puppies

Last Friday it was reported that tiger cubs were expected in the park.

– When we did an x-ray of Boonya, we saw the skeleton of two children. We knew there were two, but there could be more. It will be exciting to see how many there will be, says Axelsen.

She says tigers can have one to seven puppies, but the most common are two to four.

The event aired on the Dyreparken website:

Very threatened with extinction

According to the zoo, the Siberian tiger is in great danger.

In the 1940s, only 20 to 30 wild tigers remained, but conservation projects have led to an increase in the number again.

– There are now between 400 and 500 in nature, says Axelsen.

The park’s conservation program that is part of it decides which tigers will have offspring.

It is decided based on who adjusts genetically.

– The goal is to have a healthy population so that we have a reserve for the future if they disappear in the wild. It becomes a kind of gene bank.

He started mating right away

Axelsen says they have brought a new tiger that has been with Boonya. He is the father of newborn children.

– It came in May and when we saw that Boonya was hot, we put them together. They just started mating right away.

The first baby was born at 09.44, the second at 10.55 and the third at 11.19.

Throughout the afternoon, numbers four and five also hit the world.

Kristiansand Zoo writes on its website. that one of the five puppies is dead.

We will not know the sex of the puppies for a while, as now the mother and puppies will be allowed to rest.

Boonya, Dyreparken

Tigermamma Boonya.

Photo: Kristiansand Zoo

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