Wednesday , May 12 2021

Traffic accidents , ACCIDENT – Two injured in a traffic accident in Hokkaido

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Women in the twenties and a man in their 40s were sent to hospital after a collision between a passenger car and a van at 35 in Hokkaido on Wednesday morning.

The police were informed of the accident at 7.35.

"A woman in her twenties has been seriously injured, and a man in the forties has a slight damage," said Operation Trond Egil Groth, in the south-eastern police district of NTB.

The woman was a passenger car driver. There was only one person in each of the cars. According to the police, one of the cars crossed the opposite tape before the accident.

Rickshaws 35 is accidentally shut down and will be there for a while, warning the police. Police are conducting an investigation at the scene of an accident Wednesday morning, along with a group of accidents from the Norwegian Public Road Administration.

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