Monday , April 12 2021

– We thought they would stop the race halfway – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and schedule of broadcasts

– It will be so evenly matched, although I think Kraft will catch it, Christian Nilssen said after Kraft had landed as the last jumper in the competition.

The Austrian won the jump race with 4.4 points over Robert Johansson.

– It is excellent and a sensational success, says Alexander Stöckl about the student silver.

Still, it was almost near the start of the jump race. Earlier this week, Halvor Granerud was diagnosed with coronavirus and, just two hours before the start, there was great uncertainty about Robert Johansson’s health as he had a headache.

– I heard a little today. Probably due to lack of sleep. I went straight to the test. I got an answer before I went to land and there the answer was no, says the silver winner.

Johansson was tested for caution, he further explains.

– It’s a bit like if you feel something like that, even if you’ve had 72 hours with little rest, then you’ll check to see if you don’t put anyone or myself at risk, he says.

– It has consumed a lot of energy

Stöckl also confirms the incident.

– He has been ill in recent days and has had a headache. The fact that he delivers in these circumstances is fantastic.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

The silver winner explains that the headache has exhausted energy.

– Maintains concentration. I am very happy with that. I’ve spent a lot of energy, but I have to send a thank you to my boyfriend who listens to me when I have to think, he says.

Earlier this week, the leader of the World Cup and the great jumping star of Norway, Halvor Granerud, were diagnosed with coronavirus.

– What does it mean after hard days?

– It means an incredible amount. It is a silver medal that has a bit of gold. It’s incredibly nice to see how this gang gets what it deserves, says Clas Brede Bråthen.

The NRK expert is also impressed with the performance.

– When jumping, you can mobilize for the two jumps you have to deliver, but there has been no favorable charge for Norwegians if they struggle to sleep in the evening and have been nervous. But even more impressive for Robert to get the two jumps he gets today, says NRK expert Remen Evensen


COULD JOY: Despite the difficult conditions, Johansson took the silver.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

It is performed in heavy conditions

The ski jump from the great hill of Oberstdorf was characterized by large pieces of snow that were installed on the ground and on the piste. The organizer actively used the leaf blowers between the runway bridges and on the ground the skis were almost buried in the snow during the landing.

– What a wheelbarrow it was! Several falls, I thought they would stop running in the middle of the second half due to a lot of snow and more that fell. It can quickly be a back fracture, said Anders Jacobsen of the NRK study.

Different wind conditions contributed to the unpredictable jump.

It was especially clear in Robert Johansson’s first jump. He landed at 129.5 meters, which was not close to the length of leader Stefan Kraft.

– He fell a little too soon, unfortunately, said Christian Nilssen right after the jump.

But it quickly turned out that the conditions for the Norwegian had been miserable and, with the extra points he got, he came in 2nd place, just over five points behind the Austrian.

– Robert has a somewhat demanding relationship. He received little compensation for the conditions, and is almost an advantage when he makes such a good jump, said jumpers coach Alexander Stöckl during the break.

In the qualifiers, Johann André Forfang was the longest on the ground, but in the same competition he fell a few meters to 128.5 meters in the first half. He entered the place of Halvor Granerud, as the World Cup leader was diagnosed with coronavirus and had to watch the jump from the hotel room.

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