Monday , May 16 2022

Weather directly: Fog improves air quality


The dusty dust from taking wood has led to poor air quality

PHOTO: Ronald E. Hole (ARKIV)

Monday morning at ten o'clock, high dust values ​​were measured in the Danish city. The level is set to red, which is the second highest level.

Already at the next measurement at 11 am, the dust dust levels were returned to the green level. According to the Bergen municipality, high rates can be attributed to stone landing near the metering station.

"Two colleagues were alone in Denmark and watched construction works that they believe could be the cause of a high rise in dust. Luckily, the level fell fast, says Arild Jensen in the municipality of Bergen.

This weather weather conditions allow pollution by creating air quality problems. Pollution is collected as the so-called toxic cover if the air on the ground is colder than the air in height. This phenomenon is called a meteorological inversion.

Meteorologist Gunnar Livik says contamination pollution depends on conditions that are not just weather conditions.

– Weather conditions indicate that we can get an invasion that lasts for several days. If other conditions are true, high air pollution may occur, but this is difficult to report in advance, "said Livik.

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