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A family startup that is already worth $ 8 billion, away from the Silicon Valley



Kualtrics manufactures consumer research software used by Microsoft and General Electric, which has helped more than eight times its revenue

The billionaires mas new of the industry of the technologyia are one Couple of brothers what fondor one the business of software in the sorbanana of the home of yours parents in Utah. Now, Ryan i Jared Smith him sellan Kualtrics International a the giant European SAP would be u$s8 millions i Couldan follow administration the the business.

Ryan, of 40 anos, is the makimo executive i the the face visible of one startup whatof the way unusualthat resistsor a to receive capital risk during the mas of ten anos i finally cerror Agreements with Accel i Sekuoia Capital.

With one estimationorn mas Recently of u$s2,500 millions, Kualtrics factory software For surveys a clients is used would be Names as Microsoft i General Electric, what what helpor a mas what octuple yours income in the uthe last seven anos.

Smith is one kind of famous in a ambito of startups of Utah where Tooen estan, i the sayen arrival a a bag Domo Inc.

Your love would be his status natal it makes what Kualtrics support events as the lecture Silicon Slopovi Utah, what exhibition a companies locally i the snovboarding i the skiingi of the regionorn.

Ryan, what one time habria rejected one a bid of u$s500 millions would be his the business; his the family i the second a large shareholders now pocketan some u$s7,000 millions would be yours actions. Nothing Bad For a makimo responsible whose salary Was of u$s100,000 the anabout the past.

"One never forget his first a meetingorn with Ryan Smith" I wroteor in one publicationorn of blog Brian Schreier, a partner of Sekuoia Capital.

"A market wild, Ryan additions the mentality discreet of Engineer of his Brother. But they, his Father, Scott, i his co-founder, Stuart, clear share a set of values"

Kualtrics habia presented the newspaper For to run one a bid puflash initially in States United i that prepared For raise close to of u$s500 millions.

The makimo executive of SAP, Bill McDermott, that anticipateor a the OPI with one a bid icompletely in efficient what I was mas of 75% would be across of the estimationorn designed For the the business. In one call in lecture, McDermott he said what SAP hasia what put the Money because that roadshov of Kualtrics him I was I'm going Okay.

The focus of Kualtrics that base in what what denominate "managementorn of experiences"(KSM), secun Schreier, of Sekuoia. Consists of in Analyze every appearance of the experience of the buyer For strengthen his loyalty i yours recommendations, what what the the business judge fundamentally in one ea bit in the what the networks socially them day mas power what never a the individuals For Express yourself.

The the second element unusual of Kualtrics is his head office, far of the aarea of the Bahia of dream Francisco, considered the crib of the industry technologicalorgica American. This one the business known that turn onor deep in all, from the the sponsorship of the Utah Jazz up initiatives philanthropistorpeaks locally. Ryan, a mormorn, Usually You speak in pupublic eye the potential of the status.

"For A lot people this one Place is weird" he said Ryan, i by meor the miss of diversity i the curiosity of the Life in the Place. "We have what make it mas faeasy a the people to be hereand, because we have all For transform this in a Perfect center technologicalormagical"

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