Friday , May 20 2022

According to his ex-wife, singer Mane would be at the brink of death for cosmetic surgery


After vocalist Mane, Fher Olvera, appeared with an unrecognizable face when delivering a Latin Grammy, his former wife, Monica Noguera, discovered that for a long time the singer was subjected to dangerous plastic surgeries.

"At the time we were together, a very dangerous operation was done Los Angeles, in your face. It hurts a lot, because it's only time for his fathers and foes to function, but he almost died because the vein was torn down. The doctor cut the veil that he should not have and had three cuts in his throat, bleeding, "Noguera said in the television program De primera mano.

Noguera, who was a singing woman between 2013 and 2015, also said she had asked Fher that it was not done anymore. "You do not have to focus on a physical question because you are a great artist and a great person who works with human rights, why worry so much about physical condition?" The woman said.

Group Mana, who leads Fher Olvera, He was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award "Person of the Iear". In addition, they made a show where they performed the best of their repertoire.

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