Thursday , May 19 2022

Alan Garcia | Uruguayan Foreign Minister: "There is no deadline for an answer" Politics


Chancellor Uruguay in Peru, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, reported that "there is no deadline for responding" to the former president Alan Garciaon the diplomatic request for asylum, which he requested on the night of last Saturday.

In a conversation with El Comercio, Nin Novoa said it was a procedure that must be analyzed with all possible elements.

"We estimate that here is the Caracas Convention (Venezuela) of 1954, in which diplomatic asylum is established. There is no deadline for answering," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that they are waiting for Peru to send relevant information in order to respond to the former president. Garcia Perez as far as the Peruvian government is concerned.

"According to the Caracas Convention, of which Peru and Uruguay are parties, among other things, we communicate with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and according to the ninth article of this convention, the Government of Peru will send us information about our government," he explained.

As you recall, on the night of last Saturday, Garcia Perez he went to the residence of the ambassador Uruguay, is located in San Isidro and is seeking diplomatic asylum.

This request was made several hours before the judge for the preparation of an investigation against corruption, Carlo Sanchez Balbuena, ordered his obstruction to leave the country for 18 months in the investigation, followed by Odebrecht case.

"For now, the former president Garcia he is an asylum in our embassy under diplomatic asylum and this is the current situation, "he said.

Nin Novoa pointed out that from now on, Garcia Perez may not demonstrate or substantiate this claim, since the decision on the granting of asylum will not be granted by the collapsed government.

"Mister. Garcia does not have to prove or establish any condition that determines the qualification of political persecution is the state of asylum; that is, we. So we ask for information from the government in Peru and will send it to us; and depending on that, we will solve it, "he said.

Finally, Ambassador Nin Novoa recalled that "Uruguay has a long tradition of asylum".

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