Thursday , July 7 2022

Alan Garcia will attend the call: "There is no fear that Perez Gomez will lead an investigation


Erasmo Reina, lawyer of Alan Garcia, confirmed that the ecuador would attend the citing of fiscal money laundering Jose Domingo Perez to testify in the investigation, followed by the case Metro from Lima.

When consulted RPP Novosti If the former head of state attended the hearing, the defense counsel replied: "Absolutely, this would be the 49th time when he attended the hearing as an investigated person."

In addition, he ruled out that the former president was worried about quoting the prosecutor "to the extent that the investigation is conducted in the prescribed procedure, with objectivity, regardless of arbitrariness. We have already attended two allegations, […] There is no fear per se Domingo Perez"

According to Reina, Garcia not under investigation of the bribe of a Brazilian company Odebrecht, but because of the alleged crime of "influential impact for issuing a framework that favored the continuation" Metro from Lima"

In addition, he explained that this new inquiry extends the previous statement given by the former head of state. In this line, Reina he described as "nonsense" to carry out an investigation "due to the issuance of a norm that allowed the continuity of work".

a quote

The money laundering prosecutor will collect a statement from the former president as an investigator for the alleged crime of human trafficking. The prosecutor's office is investigating the influence that the then head of state made in order to facilitate the creation of a Consortium for Electric Trains, compiled by companies Odebrecht i Grana and Montero, will get bids for Metro from Lima.

This quote is scheduled for next Thursday, 15th, within the investigation of alleged corruption in the allocation of divisions 1 and 2 from line 1 Metro Lima.

In the Garcia case, the investigation relates to the alleged traffic impact on the award of Lima Metro works, relating to the issuance of the Emergency Regulations 032 and the legal framework provided for this mega-project.

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