Tuesday , September 27 2022

Avril Lavigne was the first to speak of a theory that ensures that the Light is Light. | Music


For more than a decade, the circulation on the Internet circulates the theory that ensures it Avril Lavigne He committed suicide in 2003, and his career continued with a double call by Melissa Vandela.

According to this popular online theory, Lavigne The sad life ended with the death of his grandfather. At that time, he was already a super star, his "Sk8r Boi" and "Complicated" singles have achieved success all over the world; but her life was not in focus and the singer would choose to commit suicide without leaving anyone identical to her success.

This horrible rumor that is being heard today originates from Brazil and so increases, so that in social networks they compare photos Avril In 2003, with the latest and always finding differences.

However, the change would not only be physical, but also the style of music and composition; In 2017, he released the album "Under Mi Skin" and many of the Netizens thought that Melissa wanted to show their true identity.

Avril Lavigne recently returned to the musical stage after 5 years of absence due to Lyme disease and since 2003, he has never clarified this rumor; so far

In an interview for the Australian station, Kiss 1065 was asked about the subject and she replied, "Yes, some people think I'm not real, which is so strange, I can not figure out why they thought it."

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