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Big Mac Index: Is it cheaper to buy a hamburger in Peru than in the USA?


In Peru it is cheaper to buy a Big Mac burger than in the United States, According to the Big Mac index, published every six months by the British magazine The Economist.

The Big Mac index is for reference the price of the traditional hamburger and one of the best-selling McDonald's in each country where it sells. the product It's made identically in more than 100 economies.

Big Mac

According to the latest report by The Economist, one of the most important financial resources in the world, the majority of currencies of the region are undervalued against the dollar; That is to say, they are worth less and therefore the goods (like this hamburger) are cheaper than the economies that are handled with US dollars.

According to the Big Mac Index 2019, the Peruvian sun is devalued by 44.3% below its value compared to the dollar. In Peru the Big Mac costs S / 10.50 (US $ 3.20), whereas in the United States it is worth $ 5.74 (S / 18.88 at a current exchange rate of S / 3.29.9). This result indicates the weakness of the sun against the dollar, where a US citizen buys the famous hamburger 1 44.3%, cheaper.

If we consider the implicit exchange rate, according to these two values, the indicator is S / 1.83 per dollar (US $ 5.74 x S / 1.83 = S / 10.50), a rate that does not coincide with the exchange rate of & Today (S / 3.29 per dollar).

In Peru, buy the hamburger for the golden arcs franchise, It's cheaper than in the US and what Mexico (it was rated 53.9%), Argentina (it was devalued by 50%).

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