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Case Force 2011: Jorge Ioshiyama confirms plot of fake associates [FRASES] The Commerce | Politics

Keiko Fujimori she was convinced several times that neither she nor her party leaders had delivered cash to Congressman Rolando Reategui and Jorge Ioshiiama Sasaki so that they could be introduced to the election campaign in 2011 through false contributions.

However, the allegations repeated by the Popular Force (FP) leader after investigations began their campaign yesterday were distorted by Jorge Ioshiyama Sasaki, the nephew of former Minister Jaime Ioshiyama Tanaka.

The businessman said that his uncle gave him about $ 800,000 in cash and asked him to look for people to pose their names in order to simulate the contribution of Fuerzi 2011 (today FP) to the money given by some businessmen who did not want to make a public appearance. .

"My uncle Jaime takes me to his main bedroom and takes me to the cabinet where he was safe where he took out a few hundred dollars worth of dollars worth of dollars and he put them in a plastic bag," said Ioshiyama Sasaki. part of the recognition offered by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of the Special Team Lava Jato Jose Domingo Perez, last Monday, November 12th.

This version was read during yesterday's hearing based on the request for preventive detention Luis Mejii Lecci, until recently the FP cashier.

Ioshiyama Sasaki noted that his cousins ​​and business friends, such as Giancarlo Bertini and Erick Matto Monge, signed cash vouchers. These documents were later delivered to his uncle.

Both recipes and a bank account were provided by his uncle, said the businessman.

Since March 2011, when his uncle Jaime asked him to look for false associates, by the middle of June of that year – when the campaign was over – Ioshiiama Sasaki admitted that he had gone to the house of the former secretary of the FP seven times to collect money in cash.

He also said that in the spring of 2016 he learned that Cristian Jo, a fake correspondent, denied the police that he had delivered the amount that was on his behalf.

Matto Monge later informed him that he was summoned to the State Prosecution and asked the attorney. Then he contacted him with Edward Garcia, who was a lawyer for Keiko Fujimori and Jaime Iosiiam.

"Edward Garcia […] He told him that Fernando Carreras would follow him with diligence taking into account fees, "said Yoshiyama Sasaki, adding that he paid $ 1,000 for this service, the money he left at Garcia.
After reading the statement, Prosecutor Perez Gomez pointed out that the version of Ioshiyama Sasaki shows that his office is not lying about the accusations of Keiko Fujimori and other persons associated with FP.

"The postulate made by the Public Prosecutor's Office is certain that there are elements that enable us to determine that we are not lying, not to lie, that this prosecutor is not lying," he said.

He alleged that this corroborates the imputation against Jaime Ioshiyama Tanaka.

Perez asked Judge Richard Concepcion to obscure what Yoshiyama Sasaki contributed and thought that an obstacle to leaving the country would be an appropriate measure.

Allem Rodas, attorney Ioshiyama Sasaki, agreed with the exit obstacle.

– Confirmation –
After the discovery of Ioshiyama Sasaki, attorney Humberto Abanto – legal defense Jaime Ioshiyama Tanaka – claimed that his sponsors from Miami (United States) authorized him to discover that "he asked his nephew to make simulations of the contribution" for the 2011 campaign.

He added that his client said that Keiko Fujimori did not know about it and that the money was not from Odebreht.

At the hearing, he said his client was asking the prosecution to travel to the United States. to take a new statement.

"Let's say who was the contributor […]. Jaime tells me [Yoshiyama] one contribution, then we will wait for his complete disclosure, "he said.

During the hearing, there was an incident between Horga Ioshiyama Sasaki and Luis Meia Lecca. The judge had to intervene and pay attention to another to apply to the employer.

Both the prosecutor and the judge are managing the protection guarantees of Ioshiyama Sasaki.

Today, the prosecution will end its request for closure, this time for Carmel Paucar Paki, former secretary Keika Fujimori.

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