Friday , August 12 2022

Cassis organized a program meeting in New York


Digital advertising leaders attended the exchange of knowledge and opinion of the sector. In this case, discussions on topics related to the different alternatives that the program has and the results they generate are discussed.

In October, KSAKSIS LATAM CLIENT SUMMIT 2018 was held in New York. The key advertisers of the company met in order to create space for open dialogue and learning.

The event dealt with specific issues related to the different alternatives the program has and the results that they generate.

One of the main interests was to better understand the needs of advertisers to personalize Xaxis experience in a way that best suits the business goals and goals of advertisers.

Erik Castillo, President of Xaxis of Latin America, greeted the participants. After that, Damian Russo, Xasis Argentina's country leader, explained Xaxis's experience: "We are always working on Client Centriciti's strategies, this is an example of close co-operation with our customers and thinking about specific solutions for each of them. they in our main quarter in New York allow us to see how diverse our software advertisers are. "

For his part, Martin Centeno, Director of Digital and Web Communications, La Caja Seguros Argentina, one of the guests who participated in the meeting, said: "It was my pleasure to participate in the X-Axis Summit LATAM 2018, the area for dialogue about new tools and technologies that transform digital advertising and what are the opportunities presented by brands to optimize business goals. "

Laura Najlis (Commercial Director and Marketing – Cinemark Argentina) added: "The Xaxis Summit was a great opportunity to become more familiar with the tools available to create more effective digital campaigns based on their use."

One of the key issues was the use of artificial intelligence and how this technology is the basic tool for developing program-programmed campaigns.

It is explained that when used together, various AI applications can lead to a significant transformation of the digital advertising strategy, resulting in significantly superior results. Any advertisers globally use COPILOT their artificial intelligence platform that is used in most of their campaigns, not just by generating scope goals, but by adding value to such rich data.

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