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P.T. It's one of those episodes of the video game industry that can leave us a bitter pill so far, because of the complications that are necessary to explain how such a job is two handsome from each industry, such as Hideo Kojima (creator Silent Hill i Metal Gear) i Guillermo del Torofinally canceled Konami, the second industrial giant that caused a recognized film director to confirm his decision to never return to video games anymore. Well, thanks to a young programmer, we can now enjoy our experience PC. See how to download it.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most famous and brilliant minds of the video game industry, but his name has not been removed from controversy over the course of the current decade, especially because of his fierce disputes with Konami, a classic home programmer who helped to catapult his career and in which Kojima worked for many, many years .

P.T. download on your computer

P.T. download on your computer

P.T. download on your computer

Well, such a special relationship was remembered again during the last Night of the Witches a few days ago, because of the eventuality of it P.T. was blocked for users who had to download them demo (since there has never been a complete game) deleting the possibility of even preserving the only piece of software that together with Kojima with the acknowledged film director Guillermo del Toro, who will publish Konami (which ended the abrupt cancellation).

Before this event, a lot of hands went to work, and from this section we will also inform you that you can keep a copy of the demo P.T. forever without fear of being blocked by Konami on your PS4. But, of course, this solution works only if you were one of the lucky guys who came to take the demo in 2014.

But thanks to the huge enthusiasm of the creator of independent video games, the community PC and, exactly, that Artur Łaczkovski, a young programmer aged 21, the dream of many to be able to experience a masterpiece Kojima i del Toro can become a reality without even PS4, if not from a PC same

P.T. download on your computer

P.T. download on your computer

P.T. download on your computer

This passionate developer and video game designer has made almost perfect recreation, a pixel per pixel demo P.T. in a well-known and versatile engine game Unreal Engine (which is free to a certain level). Community gamers from all over the world he surrenders to the incredible work of Łaczkowski.

This is a clear demonstration of the weight and importance of the community in the industry, and in particular to express their intentions and sympathies for certain parts of the software, and in many things the very companies themselves, in the end, refuse.

Here you can see P.T. created in Unreal Engine Artur Łaczkovski, followed by another video demo P.T. Original Artur Łaczkovski also has Patreon's website for receiving donations and also offers prizes. To download the incredible work of this young developer, enter your personal page in this link.

Recreation Artur Łaczkovski, discharge here

Original version Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro:

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