Thursday , July 7 2022

Doctor with arenavirus presents multi-organ damage –


The Regional Administrator of the National Health Box (CNS), William de la Barra, confirmed the critical condition of the interned doctor in intensive care at the Hospital de la Pau, presented a multi-organ damage in The kidneys, liver and head, survives thanks to the medication it receives, it was classified as a labile patient.

"Patient labile, the doctor is surviving thanks to the medication that was given to him, the mortality is immediate the virus causes an alteration in your coagulation, that was the one that the doctor had digestive Hemorrhage, what the virus causes to you It's massive hemorrhaging, rivabirine is given to endovenose to eliminate the virus but the damage is already done, "said Bar.

According to the Barra, three suspected cases of arenavirus that are not interned, said that the Ministry of Health handles different information and types of patients, asking to correctly manage the medical terms.


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