Monday , May 10 2021

Dollar in Argentina: the exchange rate closes to 35.95 pesos. | Economy | Markets

The a course in Argentina He closed down. The dollar, compared to wholesale weight, fell by 0.25% to $ 35.95.

On Friday, USD it operated at levels near the lower intervention range provided by the central bank.

"We believe that it is a positive signal that the nominal exchange rate is approaching the floor of the non-interventional band in the Lelik's Lek scenario," Neik said in the report.

The central bank has put 174.475 million pesos (about $ 4,861 million) in liquidity balances (Lelik) in eight days, with an average annual low yield of 63.291%, mentioned operators.

For its part, green card in the marginal exchange rate, devalued from 1.40% to 35.75 pesos with reduced business.

Sovereign bonds in the local position through contrasts ended in a balanced, risk-free manner from Argentina, prepared by JP Morgan Bank, which increased six units to 644 points.

Government bonds on the local market above average rose on average 0.1%, as Argentina's country risk, prepared by JP Morgan Bank, was balanced by about 635 basis points.

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