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"Dragon Ball Super: Broli": Goku and Vegeta are surprised with these new pictures [FOTOS] | DBS | Picture 1 of 4 | Anime


Goku, Vegeta i Broli Go back to the big screen with all the advertising invasions that can mean it. Next premier Dragon Ball Super This has caused so much interest that in November, the film will be shown to a very select audience. Here you will see some of them new photos that they got out of the movie.

In your face Japan are filled with posters and other commercial material Dragon Ball Super. This is because the prime minister will have a week ahead. It will arrive later in general in all Asian countries in theaters December 14th.

Peru i Chile they will still have to wait until January 17th so you can see the version in Latin in Spanish. Argentina The premiere will be over much earlier: January 10th. While Mexico and the rest Latin America You'll still see a movie Dragon Ball Super the January 24, 2019.

"Hips" or overwhelmed emotions already share all fans of anime. This tape will be presented Broli again as a criminal. However, the figure will be restored, just like his father Paragus and more Saiiajins of Planet Vegita.

For now, what is known about the plot " Dragon Ball Super: Broli "is to focus on the story of the relationship between parents and children who redefined the future of the universe. On the one hand, this Vegeta, who escaped from his planet, before being destroyed, with his father.

Goku will be abandoned by parents because they did not want to be trapped. While Broli they will be expelled and erected Paragus on an unpleasant planet. There's only one more father on the list, and he's doing it King Cold, which influenced the personality of young people Freezer to destroy everything Planet Vegita.

In this way, a new history of the origin of the protagonists Dragon Ball Super. There are already indications Broli I would not leave the saga, it could be a repetitive character in new episodes of the anime.

Which, in turn, announces its return to a new disaster for this year. The story will tell the story Saiian Legendari and his relationship with Goku, the protagonist.

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