Saturday , May 8 2021

Emperor Hinostrouz: Justice in Spain confirms preventive detention Politics

A national court in Spain declared an unfounded appeal of the defense of the former judge on Thursday Emperor Hinostroza in order to nullify the provisional jail sentence imposed on him in that country during the duration of his extradition to Peru.

By this measure, the Spanish court accepted the detention Hinostroza Pariachi, who fled to Spain before the upcoming trial was linked to the Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto criminal organization.

The former Supreme Court judge left the country on the border with Ecuador on October 7, before entering the Spanish territory and asking for political asylum.

However, Emperor Hinostroza He was arrested on October 19 in Spain and stayed at the Madrid Wedding Center.

This Thursday, Spanish judge Jose de la Mata dismissed the appeal filed in favor Emperor Hinostroza, through which his acquittal was sought during the duration of his extradition.

As reported by Reuters, the judge of the National Court noted that the crimes against the former judge were "of exceptional seriousness, especially in case of court cases and even more of his condition, on the one hand, as the leader of the organization of the criminal and, on the other hand, the judges of the Supreme Court earth ".

Alleged crimes that are attributed Emperor Hinostroza They are illegal sponsorship, influence on trading, incompatible bargaining and criminal organization. Which, the Spanish judge said, "are also serious". Opportunity for a new flight Hinostroza Pariachi.

"There are obvious risks that the requested person will avoid the actions of justice and frustrate extradition in the event that temporary detention is not agreed," said Jose de la Mata.

(Source: Reuters)

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