Sunday , May 9 2021

Final Cut Pro X is updated with support for the third party extension workflow

Final Cut Pro X is updated with support for third-party workflow extensions

Apple today released a new version of Final Cut Pro Ks, which introduces support for streaming extensions that will allow professional video editors to use third party applications and services directly in Final Cut Pro application.

Workflow extensions are designed to coincide with the look of Final Cut Pro, which offers robust integration with the application. Media can be plugged into Final Cut Pro libraries, playback can be synchronized between extensions and timeline, and more.

Extensions include, which improves Postproduction, Shutterstock, which allows navigation and purchase of archival material, and CatDV for asset management.

Final Cut Pro workflow extensions can be downloaded from the Mac App Store as of today, and Apple plans to continually add additional FCP extensions to third parties.

Together with extensions, the new version of Final Cut Pro introduces an exchange of batch to export several clips or projects in one step, a new Comparison of the Viever window is available that allows editors to see reference images while working on a color gradation, and the selection mark has been improved to It was easier to select individual clips.

Apple added a new floating-window window to make video editors easier to follow along with the color code for the names, functions, timeline project, and time code source, all presented on the customizable screen.

New noise reduction tools are designed to minimize false artifacts from shots, and editors can create subtitles in SRT format or burn them to video for wider compatibility with different web pages.

Movement, the motion graphics application running for Final Cut Pro, is also updated to date. You get an extensive color correction tool that matches the color correction features available in Final Cut Pro, along with new combo filters and a small planet of effects.

The compressor, another FCP-related application, now uses a 64-bit engine that best utilizes the entire memory in Mac users and is compatible with the SRT subtitle.

Final Cut Pro can be downloaded from Mac App Store for $ 299.99. [Link Directo]

Movement can be downloaded from Mac App Store for $ 49.99. [Link Directo]

The compressor can be downloaded from Mac App Store for $ 49.99. [Link directo]

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