Tuesday , September 27 2022

For Francisco Guillermo Ochoa, he "calls" a fixed coach in the national team



CORDOBA – Four months after the end of the World Cup in Russia, the lack of a coach focused on the process Seleccion Mekicana is an issue that is urgent for the team, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa analyzed at the end of defeat against Argentina in the last friendly match this year.

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"Urge (coach) to work and prepare the game; It's urgent to plan better calls for the future, boost stability in selection, and a small difference (with Argentina) is where they compete, making them grow bigger," the goalkeeper said.

One aspect that also reflects on this subject, reflecting the shooter of the basic forces of America, is the same requirement for players that now they have no strategist who is focused on what is ahead.

"You do not know what will happen later, and if you count on you or not. In the selection when you have a little time to work, it's important to have a coach," he said.

Javier Guemez was consulted on the same topic, which was not so deep in that analysis as Ochoa and said that at least in this case there are rivals against which a great deal of experience is gained.

"It's part of the transition experienced by coach changes, and the search for new generations is part of that process, and the best way to deal with it is against these rivals or like those of the last FIFA date and it is very appropriate for us," he said.

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