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Giovanna Valcárcel reveals commitment to partner Kim Zollner (VIDEO) | ‘Women in charge’ | SHOWS

the conductor of ‘Women in Command’, Giovanna Valcárcel, Surprised the reveal in the latest edition of the program that compromise with his partner Kim Zollner, with whom he has had a relationship for two years.

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Confirmation of the news was made when they talked about the end of the marriage of Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano, and about whether or not wearing the engagement ring is a symbol of rupture.

At this point, Giovanna Valcárcel explained that she always wears the jewel that represents her commitment to model Kim Zollner.

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It’s a commitment to my partner, we’ve turned two years old. She also has a ring, of course we gave it to her“, Valcárcel explained.

If there has been a subject in which we have renounced, a fight, something like that, I have never taken off my ring nor she“, Added the TV host, who pointed out that her ring is a symbol of respect and commitment.

Maricarmen Marín explained how Sebastià Martins proposed marriage to her

In the latest issue of ‘Women in Command’, Maricarmen Marín surprised more than one after revealing that years ago she got engaged to her boyfriend, the producer of “I Am” Sebastià Martins.

It was at the least expected moment. We went to Las Vegas, we thought (get married here), but no. We attend concerts and shows. I was coming out of enlistment and he said to me, ‘I think there’s something in your drawer that you’re forgetting’. I never imagined being in a situation like that. I didn’t know what to do, I was confused. We stared and it was very exciting“Marin explained.


Maricarmen Marin reveals how his handover was in Las Vegas

Maricarmen Marin reveals how his handover was in Las Vegas
Maricarmen Marin reveals how his handover was in Las Vegas

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