Sunday , May 22 2022

Great shot by Amer Shafi, he knew what he was doing there and it worked.


MEXICO CITI. In football, it was never normal for goalkeepers to score, as few of them did that with free throw or withn Desperate auctions in the last few minutes matches; However, Jordanian goalkeeper Amur Shafi wanted to be more of an original and scored with a free goalkeeper.

FIFA dates always give us valuable memories, and one of them happened in India during a friendly match between the local team and Jordan.

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It was a 25-minute match between the Jordanian team and his Indian counterpart, where the goalkeeper received the ball after an opposing center and immediately released the ball, which was rejected for half a month when the goalkeeper came into contact with the spherical, although it was not enough spectacularly avoids. Thus, The linesman shows that Amer Shafi from Bayern Munich is in offside position on the goal of the Indian gurmanete Singh Sandhu.

The goal has gone all over the world, perhaps since these legendary goals of Team Howard with Everton and Asmir Begovic with Stoke Citi did not achieve a similar goal.

With Record and SDP Nevs information.

With a goal Shafi and Ehsan Farhad, who scored 58 ' Jordan National Team beat India 2-1, in a duel at the International Stadium of King Abdullah.

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