Saturday , May 8 2021

Greenland suffered the impact of a meteorite that made a crater larger than Paris Stories

He hit a giant meteorite Greenland At least 12,000 years ago, creating a crater larger than Paris, recently discovered under ice by radar, researchers said on Wednesday.

This is the first crater of this type discovered in Greenland and the first found under a layer of ice. It is among the 25 largest on Earth, according to this study published in Science Advances.

The impact of this meteorite, which produced a crater 31 kilometers wide and located under the Hiawatha glacier, could have significant repercussions in the region, and even to a greater extent, researchers say.

"It can happen that the waste thrown into the atmosphere affected the climate and melted all ice, so there could be a sudden introduction of cold water in Nares' crossing between Canada and Greenland this would affect the ocean currents of the entire region, "said John Paden, co-author of the study and associate professor at the University of Kansas.

"The effect probably occurred after the formation of a polar ice cap Greenland, but the research team is still working on a precise delivery, "he said.

The finding originally occurred in 2015 from the program data OUR, but a team of international researchers has been working since then to confirm these observations. Other data were collected using advanced radar technologies.

"It was not possible to directly carry out the crater, but its condition strongly indicates that it was formed" between the moment "when the ice began to cover Greenland, less than three million years ago "and" the end of the last ice age "12,000 years ago, explained Kurt Kjaer of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Researchers plan to continue to conduct surveys to find out more about dating and its effects on life on Earth at that time.

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